PlayStation Move Essentials Bundle revealed for Playstation 3

Online retailer, Amazon, has revealed that Sony Computer Entertainment will be releasing a new “PlayStation Move Essentials Bundle” for the Playstation 3.

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palaeomerus2281d ago

Meh. Move was a waste of money and I'm sorry I bought it. Kinnect sucks too but luckily I did not buy that.

r1sh122281d ago

Both Sony and MS wanted to get on the motion controller bandwagon.
I think both were too late to the party, nintendo dominated.
Im going to get a million disagrees but how is move different to the Wii-motes?
Yes it might be more accurate but other than that, theres nothing else.
Kinect - I can see it might have potential in the future but as it stands it just is not advanced enough.
The worst thing is MS are planning a kinect 2 which I assume will be released in the next couple of years.
So the investment in kinect 1 is a real waste right?

Im so happy I did not buy either, Ill stick to traditional controllers

nukeitall2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

"Im going to get a million disagrees but how is move different to the Wii-motes?"

There is little difference in practice, but PS Move does have a camera. Unfortunately having hardware features not really used is kind of useless and that is where the Wii is a far better purchase. It's hardware might not be as good, but the games certainly utilize them well and in a fun way.

"Kinect - I can see it might have potential in the future but as it stands it just is not advanced enough.
The worst thing is MS are planning a kinect 2 which I assume will be released in the next couple of years."

You are contradicting yourself. You are asking for more advanced Kinect, yet saying the next Kinect is a waste.

"Im so happy I did not buy either, Ill stick to traditional controllers"

I enjoyed motion controller games, especially Wii and Kinect. The former had *many* great fun games and the latter has few, but a number of solid games. Kinect is also integrated right into the dash, so I constantly use it with Netflix and etc. Very handy while eating and I don't want remote to get dirty or the controller to be on the entire time.

PS Move unfortunately hasn't had a single game worth playing. It's as if Sony completely mis-understood motion based gaming and created this controller with no use so far. Apart from it's hardware, I can't think of a released software product I would use it for. Nada, nich, zilch!

raytraceme2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Hey nuke too bad you haven't tried out the move with heavy rain, littlebigplanet 2, infamous 2, sorcery, datura, mlb the show, and killzone. The move is really improves upon accuracy and rocks for fps games. Sports Champions was also a lot of fun and I can't wait for #2.

Kinect oth was laggy and the time I had with mine was pretty boring no good aaa games that are NOT on the rails :S

Also the move's navigation controller really helps out when I game on my pc. Nothing and I mean NOTHING beats the experience of a fps with a navigation controller + mouse.

kingjoker342280d ago

Only one game you mentioned is only dedicated for the move. Where are the titles that NEED a move controller to play?
And the only title that you mentioned that needed move was not a horrible title but not the best that was thought it was going to be. And for move to comeout however long ago it did it is a shame and a failure on Sony's part to not support it with New titles, not just move updates for games.

Machioto2280d ago

@nuke you should visit iwaggle3d on you tube or his website with the same name to learn anything about ps move and the difference between move and wii are,move is capable to sene is self in 3d and angels,where the wii can only sense 2d and limited angel,if you add the camera then ps move is capable of experiences that no one could achieve with the wii.

Outside_ofthe_Box2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

nukeitall shows off his agenda yet again...

***"PS Move unfortunately hasn't had a single game worth playing."***

What games does kinect have that are worth playing? I'm guessing the majority of your list would be games that has kinect as option to play. The funny thing about that is that the Move also has several games that are good with the move as an option, but this gets completely ignored by people that have no problem with naming games that are "better" with kinect and are always quick to point out how the Move lacks a killer app, but never bring up the games that have Move as option. And I wonder why.

nukeitall2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )


Great games on Kinect do exist if you are open minded. Some great games on Kinect includes Dance Central, Kinect Sports and Fruit Ninja!

All Kinect specific games!

Not a game, but I also like UFC Trainer and Your Shape Fitness Evolved. Of course there are also other great uses, like using Kinect in my core gaming experience such as Halo: CEA and ME3.

What I like about it is, it is an addition, not a sub-par replacement.

Next time I suggest you open up with a question instead of accusations and assumptions. It would make you look less immature and less of an ass.

BitbyDeath2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

"Dance Central, Kinect Sports and Fruit Ninja"

Kinect Sports is the only one worth playing there.
Be reasonable.

Also if you like Kinect Sports then you would also like Sports Champions.

Your just being bias.

EDIT: The others you just added in (UFC Trainer and Your Shape) are also available on PS3.

Outside_ofthe_Box2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

nukeitall you have me on the floor laughing right now.

Just as you suggest me to be "open minded" so should you, but considering that you have an agenda on the PlayStaion as evident by your "Nada, nich, zilch!" (and by your comment history I might add) in regards to Move software you'll refuse to be "open."

I never said that kinect doesn't have good kinect only titles. I just said that MOST games that people consider to be good with kinect are games that have kinect as an option and that haters like YOU choose to ignore games that are good and better with Move as an option as well because you (like BitbyDeath mentioned) are biased.

nukeitall2279d ago


Instead of focusing on me and twisting my words, you might want to try replying with some answers and real arguments. Until then you are wasting my time and getting the ignore treatment.

Put up or shut up!


"Kinect Sports is the only one worth playing there. Be reasonable."

That is your opinion, but Dance Central is well received by both the public and the critics.

"Also if you like Kinect Sports then you would also like Sports Champions."

Sorry, Sports Champions lacks any fun what so ever. Break it out with the family/friends and nobody is having fun. The game is incredibly dull and lacks anything fun.

I would far sooner break out the Wii and Wii Sports!

r1sh122279d ago

I said kinect is currently not advanced enough to have the accuracy required.
Its a waste to invest in kinect 1 now, if kinect 2 is out fairly soon.
Read what I write plz.

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daggertoes832280d ago

dont think anything about the move is essential but i still wont one.

kikizoo2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Stop pretending you have a ps3, and a move, xfantrollls (= most of people here, like on the ridiculous and pathetic news "ms win..oh wait loose some billions"..)..please.

move was, and is the best motion controler available, new experiences with "real" table tennis, etc..and if you want to use it, there is a lot of games compatibles (from fps, to house of dead and co)..the only thing move's lovers can regret : sport champion 2 is not already playable (and not ton of games like sorcery)

Red_Orange_Juice2281d ago

Move is great but it has one small issue, it HAS NO GAMES. I played with it (oops akward :|) and its great. I'd buy it but not as a secondary, optional controller for games I play with dualshock.

There's Sorcery, ok, what else?

KUV19772281d ago

There's Sports Champions and that's about it. I bought Move day one buy just as you I don't want it as a dualshock replacement in Killzone or inFamous. And as far as move specific games are concerned there is hardly anything out worth getting. And even the ones that are out hardly use the possible precision.

JoySticksFTW2281d ago

I haven't played Sorcery yet, but Sports Champions is crack addictive to me.

Plus if you like playing light shooter-type games like Time Crisis, then Move is great because they are a lot of those games available for the system.

I loved those type of games since Duck Hunt, so Move was a great buy for me.

But I don't use it with other game types though.

BitbyDeath2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

I'd also recommend 'The Fight'.
First time i played that i was sore for days.
Amazing workout.

hesido2281d ago

Move, which I bought, is a failure. Its lack of analogue stick and not having two controllers as standard are things Sony *should* regret, like PSP missing the second analogue.

TheKayle2280d ago

sport champions is cool i played it a lots with friends...but trying to play other games (kz ) with the move is a pain in the ass...yeah i agree ps move was just a fail

r212280d ago

it takes time to get used to ps move when you're playing KZ3. took me at least 2 weeks or less to finally get the hang of it and easily got me to top 3 positions during TDMs.

since then, i never want to play an FPS unless ps move is implemented well enough like KZ3.

nevin12280d ago

The Move was a flop because Sony do not put casual stuff. Remember people, Sony released the Eyetoy in the PS2 era and it was successful in Europe because former Sony SCEE boss Phil Harrison pushed it in his region. I think Nintendo saw the potential and created a dedicated motion gaming device in the Wii.

PS Home is also a Phil Harrision led project back in 2005 as he saw the rise in socia media. I wonder how Home is doing these days.

SOny never actually pushes their plans. PS3(and the whole PS brand itself) was intended to be the one stop media hub but last e3 i check, its mircosoft who is pushing apps like ESPN.