A Perfect World in a War-Torn Wasteland: Tranquility Lane from Fallout 3

BT writes: Within recent years, there has been a great many games released with a post-apocalyptic setting. One of the most well-known and popular of these games is Fallout 3, another game in the long-running Fallout series where continued wars eventually led to a gigantic nuclear disaster that killed the vast majority of humanity. While some underground shelters, called Vaults, escaped effects of the blasts, the majority of the world was similarly destroyed. Subsequently, the areas you traverse over the course of the game are mostly destroyed buildings, vast wastelands, and the like. The entire area you can explore in Fallout 3 is even called the Capital Wasteland, so named because it is the area around the ruins of Washington D.C. Despite this, there is one small hamlet that escaped every effect the nuclear holocaust could have possibly had and, indeed, is more or less the ideal suburb: Tranquility Lane.

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