Could EA offer free DLC and win the shooter war?

Would the enticement of free downloadable content be enough to sway gamers into EA's fold?

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RaidensRising2375d ago

Never going to happen. Companies are too greedy.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2375d ago

any company focused on console will monetize everything. Even 360 fans have to pay for minecraft skins..
in fact!

PinkPartyPony2375d ago

You have to pay for licensed skins, like Master Cheif, or Cole Train, but the skin pack has several skins (like a King, or Knight) that are free.
Also Xbox and 4J just released a bunch of free skins through Microsoft's Summer Arcade promotion.

ItsMeAgain2374d ago

Wow that's something interesting that I did not know about.

PinkPartyPony2375d ago

Wanting to make money ≠ Greed.

Dlc made entirely Post Release, and priced reasonably is fine.

On Disk Dlc, or DLc made before the game is Gold is Greedy.

mewhy322375d ago

I'm afraid that it'll take more than free dlc to dethrone Call of Duty.

Hufandpuf2375d ago

EA doesn't give away free DLC. Aside from Mass Effect 3.

LOGICWINS2375d ago

Evidently you didn't buy Bad Company 2. Everyone who pre-ordered and bought the game got 4 free map packs.

Dlacy13g2375d ago

If its "free" like the did with BF3 not likely. I mean look back at BF3... all the pre-ordered "limited edition" versions got Back to Karkland free and after that is was NOTHING on the DLC front for months. They need a much more consistent release plan for DLC... and here is an idea EA. Why not just release 1 map a month for say $3 instead of waiting for months and they trying to get us to pay $15 or buy your $50 a year Elite Clone? I would buy up a $3 map in a heart beat.

Majin-vegeta2375d ago

Why just EA??Every company should.

Treat you customers right and they will come back.Treat them wrong and you can watch them leave.

bunt-custardly2375d ago

How many customers are going to turn their backs on DLC en-mass? I believe there are enough drones who don't care about paying for new content to keep the model rolling.

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The story is too old to be commented.