Splinter Cell Blacklist ComDev Q&A Discusses Stealth, Combat, and In-Game Economy

Ubisoft has released the first in a new series of developer diaries which aim to answer the community's questions about Splinter Cell: Blacklist

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Droid Control2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Just give me Chaos Theory 2!

Grap2746d ago

the Economy thing is really cool

krazykombatant2741d ago

Terrorist activity doesn't get conducted only in night time...................

Right ubi keep trying to make us think that stealth needs to be played in broad daylight. Sure i'm positive there will be a night mission, but will there be others???????

Lastly, if i'm a USA agent I should be getting the best equipment from the get go to protect 'murica and reign freedom upon its enemies you telling me I have to "purchase" my equipment now??? Damn the recession hit hard.