8 Games You Were Wrong About

Play-Mag writes: Opinions: everyone has them. To the point someone should come up with a witticism about opinions, that they are like… elbows… or teeth… or something with more negative connotations that everyone has.

But opinions aren’t always right, and mob opinions, like the type that pop up on the internets in mobs of their own – metamobbing – can often get carried away in one direction or another, claiming a game is fantastical and wonderful or, more often, that it’s a pile of re-digested vomit defecated onto the plate of your own beloved family member before they are forced to re-eat it and you have to watch them. Also you’re naked. They’re that bad, at least according on which forum you look on.

But these mob opinions that seem to take over, or the mob apathy that washes over, or the mob praise that muscles its way past genuine, constructive criticism aren’t always right. And here’s eight times they were wrong and this definitely isn’t a hit-baiting way of saying ‘eight overlooked games’ no siree not here.

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Kurt Russell2749d ago

Funny enough I bought Binary Domain on the cheap 2 days ago... it's actually a brilliant single player. The storyline is a great bit of sci-fi, the characters are witty and feel like they're interacting with each other and the gameplay is fun and fast paced whilst you never seem to be in the same environment twice.

All in all, if you're missing this game, you're missing out too.

The only crap bit was the intrusive learn the buttons bit at the very start of the game.

kma2k2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Binary Domain is IMO one of the best games i have played this year! Great gameplay, story, & a lot of fun to play!

KOA:R was one of my favorite RPG's ive played this year, i liked Reckoning way more than Dragon Dogma...of course that is IMO

RyuDrinksTheDew2749d ago

i do agree with Binary Domain being on this list, but NBA 2K12?

that i dont get.

TheoreticalParticle2749d ago

NBA 2K12 is on there because it's a British site, and they don't actually play basketball video games much there.

Nevermind that 2K12 is actually a pretty awful basketball game that is dominated by super easy 3 point shooting. (want to create an unstoppable team? Trade for Matt Bonner. The CPU's center won't go out to guard him at the 3 point line, and he's got like a 90-something in 3-point shooting. My friend dropped 45 points on the computer with a 5-minute QUARTER.) However, I can actually forgive this opinion from someone who hasn't played NBA video games very often. They've come a long way since EA ruined the NBA Live series.

pr0digyZA2749d ago

Binary Domain was definitely a sleeper hit for me, especially after the mediocre scores it received. Turned out to be one of my better ones.

Robotronfiend2749d ago

Both my wife and I got the plat for KoA, it was a lot of fun all the way through. Binary Domain is on my wish list on and my queue for We'll see what happens first: a good sale, or an available copy gets mailed to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.