3DS XL: making Nintendo make sense again

VG247: 3DS’s miniature form factor crippled Nintendo’s latest handheld, but XL, the machine’s first major revision, finally makes good on the excitement we all felt at E3 2010. Patrick Garratt tries it out and comes up grinning.

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gaffyh2307d ago

Only thing I don't like is that when closed, it looks quite toy-ish, whereas the original one looks quit nice due the glossy finish.

bwazy2307d ago

In all fairness it is a toy, but I know what you mean.

klecser2307d ago

Matte finish doesn't leave fingerprints, at least.

meganick2307d ago

I agree so much that I'm telling you I agree along with clicking the Agree icon. Wouldn't you agree that's the best way to agree?

Nodoze2307d ago

They need to make a shiny black version. Until then I won't buy it. Red and Blue look pretty bad. The grey is somewhat better, but still not ideal. Black would be awesome.

GreatGreyWolfSif2307d ago

I really can't wait for this version of the 3DS; I really think that the bigger screen will have a much more profound 3D effect. This should've been the definitive version Nintendo should've launched with, instead of the original 3DS. The author makes a great point when he compared it to today's standard of tablets and mobile devices. Having a bigger screen makes perfect sense, but Nintendo not launching with a 3DS, that has a bigger screen and longer battery life, makes absolutely no sense. Oh well, I guess I'll be getting this anyway...

Toman852307d ago

ive already have a Nintendo 3DS. But thats not gonna stop me. Preorderd mine for 15 minutes ago. Gonna have the Silver 3DS XL :)

i must keep my old 3DS because I have 22 games on the memorycard there :)

Neo Nugget2307d ago

You know you can do a system transfer, right?

Toman852307d ago

Yes I do, but its good to have the choice to choose from. So I decided to just have them both!

GreatGreyWolfSif2307d ago

I have about 30 games including the ambassador titles and recent games such as Mighty Switch Force and many other digital releases... I plan on doing a system transfer when I get the 3DS XL which I recommend you do that as well, if that's the only reason why your keeping the original 3DS. I can't wait for the bigger screen because the small screen was one of my only gripes with the original 3DS. I feel that the 3DS is the best handheld Nintendo has made since the GBA and the titles on the 3DS have damn near already improved in every aspect. It's turning out to be another RPG and adventure machine, especially in Japan. I just hope that, we in the US, get more localization of titles that Japan and UK have available. Heroes of Ruin has been a real treat for me and Kingdom Hearts is next; followed by NSMB2 and Castlevania: LOS, Mirrors of Fate. It really seems like a great year for the 3DS...

MorbidPorpoise2307d ago

Was playing Mario 3D Land earlier on the XL in Game, was surprised that it looked 100% times better than my original 3DS.

Its like the game was compressed down for the original 3DS :P

GreatGreyWolfSif2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Wow, you already own one??? I have a few questions that I would hope you can answer honestly for me...

Was it worth the upgrade?

Does it enhance the 3D effect?

How do original DS titles fair?

How does Ki: Uprising and RE: Revelations look on it?

Does the bigger screen make the original resolution look jagged or does it still look amazing or better?

And one more; Can I have your 3DS XL and will you pay for shipping to the US?

That last question was a joke which I think you know... Thanks!

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