Synthesis: Reconciling Mass Effect and its Weaknesses

Having finally completed Mass Effect 3, Camine reflects on the series she's invested so much time and emotion into, from the ending backwards:

What turned out happening was a fortunate overlap between the writers' tastes and mine. I wouldn't choose Destroy myself, but I respect it. I adore Control and Synthesis. I wish more games had a Synthesis ending. I loved it in the Deus Ex franchise and I loved it in Mass Effect 3. Merging all life into a single harmonious consciousness is my go-to solution for most problems. It works for war, it works for poverty… even missing objects are more easy to find when you can tap directly into your buddies' awareness of who borrowed them last. And what's an ushering-in of a new era of unbreakable peace without a Christlike sacrifice? I love those. It's a fail-safe instant win button, guaranteed to make me break down into wrenching sobs every time. I'd already been breaking down into wrenching sobs during everything that came before the endgame, so I ended up feeling very drained after I quit out for a break. I'm still tired now.

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