Loud Mouthed Gamers: "The infamous FEZ patch which caused some players to experience save file corruptions has been re-released today as Polytron doesn’t have the funds to patch a patch, which would likely just need another patch.

Microsoft is just as infamous for charging an arm and a leg, causing an extraordinary amount of delays, and not allowing much free content to be released on Xbox Live. Seems like Polytron has had enough, you can sense their frustration in the letter which they’ve released to their fans."

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units2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

MS isn't the only company that charges for patches through certification. It's a standard on all console systems which is why he calls out Steam cause that is the only place where releasing patches are free.

Also, It costs $10k to cert the 2nd title update on Xbox. Every developer is aware of this before they sign a deal.

First title update is free, but if you screw that up, well gotta pay.

They signed up for this.

BrutallyBlunt2308d ago

Microsoft has a lot of rules in place and they do it to make playing on the system as painless as possible. That's why patches and updates are so quick too, they make it so the files aren't very big. So not only do they have restrictions on patches but they also have size limits.

Some may say it's too restrictive and i would tend to agree. Valve is much more open to mods and less restrictions but being a Steam member it too has its downfalls. I have bouht a few agmes that need updates and there still isn't any. Some games also don't run on Windows 7 very well and they don't let you know this. You have to do your research in the forums.

For console gaming i don't blame Microsoft for taking this approach. They know a lot of their customers want a plug-and-play experince that's quick and painless for the consumer. I can see problems stemming in the future for Microsoft because there are so many other platforms now for smaller developers to put their games on. Jonathan Blow has had issues with Microsoft too so you may see more and more of these guys simply ignoring the consoles now because of these barriers.

Soldierone2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

This is what will eventually kill consoles. They absolutely suck when it comes to indie titles. the only ones that make it are the ones willing to cough up money in hopes of making money.....

Patches shouldn't be a big deal. They should be allowed to have 1 or 2 FREE patches, after that it will cost money. AKA don't release a game broken, but mistakes happen so here is some room to work with.

Microsoft shouldn't have approved the broken patch anyways.....but Sony is no better. Both have been noted for their prices on getting things on PSN and xbox live....

Krimmson2308d ago

"Consoles are meant for games. PCs are meant for spreadsheets."

Hahahaha, oh the irony.

Zechs342308d ago

Wow. This is crap. That is all.

hazelamy2308d ago

they have to pay to fix their mistake and so they're refusing?

nice. o_O

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