THQ faces second uDraw class-action lawsuit

GamesIndustry- New York law firm Levi and Korsinsky has filed a class action lawsuit against troubled publisher THQ, claiming it misled shareholders over its uDraw peripheral.

"The complaint alleges that THQ and certain of its executive officers issued false or misleading statements concerning the Company," said documents the documents filed by the firm.

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zeal0us2287d ago

THQ is like RIM, they can only survive so long.
RIM throwing its hopes to BB10
THQ throwing their hopes on the 3 exclusive that sell $$$

Patriots_Pride2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Let me guess your an Andriod fanboy.

All you Apple and Adnroid fanboys want RIM to die so badly but will be jumping out of windows when BB10 is released.

One thing people dont understand is that RIM may not own the casual market but they own the corporation market which makes RIM a hefty profit.

zeal0us2286d ago

Its Android not Andriod/Adnroid.

I have own & used Android, iOS, WebOS, BB and WP7 products so no fanboyism here :)

RIM don't own the corporation market like use to. Apple and Google done overthrew them in that field too.

egidem2286d ago

THQ has been facing bad fortunes lately. I hope they can get into a better situation in the future. They publish some of my favorite games this generation.

HebrewHammer2286d ago

I think they can pull it off.

NYC_Gamer2286d ago

THQ better find some huge success or they won't be around next gen

Farsendor12286d ago

think darksiders 2 are going to help them out some.

i would hate to see thq go