More LittleBigPlanet Karting Beta Codes Going Out, Check Your Inboxes

Sony’s upcoming ModNation-meets-LittleBigPlane t racing game LBP Karting is currently in beta, and a new set of invites has just gone out.

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Sev2282d ago

I actually got one last week, but totally forgot about it until seeing this. Stupid vacation making me miss beta tests!

guitarded772282d ago

Got one too... glad I checked my spam folder.

piroh2282d ago

i'm sad they forgot on me

GuruStarr782282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

I got one yesterday, been playing it nonstop since.. if you're in, be sure to check out and comment on the Official Beta Forum:

See you guys online and in the forum!! - JQM78

dbjj120882282d ago

Dammit. Still nothing. I'd rather get into the Vita beta anyway.

psvita_JG2282d ago

I got myn! Cant wait to play!

Ducky2282d ago

Got mine yesterday.
Fun stuff.

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