7 Games Like Zelda - Playing Link Without Link

GR - "Games Like Zelda: We like to play games like the Legend of Zelda. Just like the original Zelda titles, they're enjoyable and full of adventure."

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t0mmyb0y2336d ago

I knew 3D Dot Game Heroes would make the list lol. Great old-Zelda type game. And I'm still waiting for Psychonauts 2 Timmy.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2336d ago

God, every time I read 3DDGH, I remember my most enjoyable playing time of this generation.

masa20092336d ago

Surprised Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy didn't make the list.
Probably too little known, but one of the best Zelda-style games, better than many on this list.

Psychonauts is overrated and, on top of that, it has nothing to do with Zelda. It's a pure platformer with no puzzle and a mind numbing quantity of item collecting.

Instigator2336d ago

Most of them were expected, but I wouldn't say Psychonauts and Epic Mickey is very Zelda-like. Those two have more in common with each other than Zelda.