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Japan sales: Sony shifts less than 800k PS Vita units in six months

Less than 800,000 PlayStation Vita units have been sold across Japan in the past six months, new data suggests.

A new look at sales of Sony's latest handheld - provided by Japanese magazine Famitsu - suggests that the system has sold about 790,000 units.

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Columbo4353d ago
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Community4354d ago
mike1up4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

Awww cute kid... Even a Nintendo Fanboy like myself cannot resist that face. "Yes junior, Daddy will buy you a Vita... *sigh*. Are you sure that you don't want Mario instead?".

On Topic:

I don't own a Vita, but it's strong tech. Black Friday is just around the corner, and the white Vita bundled with the AC exclusive will boost the numbers. A lot of cheapskates, like myself, will even wait until after the holidays to buy the more expensive items.

omarzy4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

I go home with a 3DS XL(bought my regular one a few months ago) and a Vita on Black Friday. Persona 4, Gravity Rush, Kid Icarus, Mario, and RE:R should keep me busy.

NewMonday4354d ago

I feel 200$ is a psychological barrier many buyers won't go beyond with things like the Kindil Fire and Google nexus tablet selling for 199$, they make the Vita feel expensive

Ult iMate4354d ago

Agree. I'm a diehard Sony fan, bought a PSV almost at day one. But I really think Vita needs a pricecut to $200 to boost sales and increase install base.
As for now, Sony make major pricecuts for PSV games.

zeeshan4353d ago

@newmonday: I agree! To be honest, when I first held PS Vita in my hands, I was very, VERY impressed. It feels, looks and works like a solid piece of machine. One that is actually quite cheap (only $250) compared to mobile phones and high-end tablets but you NAILED IT when you said that $199 is psychological barrier or at least becoming one real fast. I am sure that with some additional and original software support and a price drop to $199 or below, VITA will do just fine.

omarzy4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

@newmonday. Yup! $200 is my sweet spot for handheld gaming, and as you said, for many other as well. It is incredible really. $250 is too much, but i am willing to wait and wait for a simple 50 dollar price drop. If i am going to spend 200 then i can spend 250, but i won't lol. You can have as many exclusives as you want, but give me a reason to think i can afford the machine.

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TheTwelve4354d ago

This is how all Sony consoles begin. We know how all Sony consoles end up. Yes, this happened even back in the beginning of the legendary PS1. --12

4354d ago
TheTwelve4353d ago

Sure. But it was still considered to be in trouble until FF7 ---12

Autodidactdystopia4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

I think its a lack of advertisements.

I saw playstation3 trailers up the ass at launch and i still do.

to this day i havent seen a single psv trailer that i didnt look for myself.

they need to advertise the thing.

show it in a good light you know what i mean?

edit: so they are advertising it up the ass?

ABizzel14354d ago

I kind of agree, but it's more than just that.

The advertising just isn't there. I've seen the commercials, but they aren't good ones. They don't make me want to get up and go buy a Vita, or for that matter even remember the handheld (Even though I already have one and love it).

But the biggest problem with the Vita is the lack of games. The Vita has games, but the problem is they lack big name franchises, and this holiday season should help with that, but what happens afterwards.

US- Call of Duty, GTA, God of War, Uncharted Golden Abyss 2, Killzone
Europe- Gran Turismo 5, Assassin's Creed, Fifa, Battlefield, LittleBigPlanet,
Japan- Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, MGS

Those 15 games will send the Vita's sells into the stratosphere, and easily push the Vita past 10 million sales by year's end if they were out.

Little Big Planet, Assassin's Creed, and Call of Duty are on the way, so sales in the US and Europe should pick up quite a bit for the holidays, but what about Japan. Sony needs to get these 15 games out by holiday 2013 if they want the Vita to get a large enough install base for developers to happily support the platform, because honestly those 5 games are what those regions buy the most (Europe also plays COD, GTA, and Assassin's Creed).

When people see the games they know and love then they'll pick up the Vita, and then you can focus on new and unique experiences for the Vita.

edgeofsins4354d ago

What they really should do is have a bunch of great games and not show the Vita and most people won't realize it isn't on a home console because the graphics on it are strong and then it zooms out and shows hands holding it. Something like that.

blue7_74354d ago

Well when it came out I saw a lot of commercials for it so I don't know what you are talking about. Yeah sure they don't advertise it anymore like when it first launched I'm guessing because they don't want to spend millions on advertising when they are not seeing the returns for it. So I'm guessing that's why they stopped they themselves know it's not doing good so why bother throwing money away.

It's smartphones that happened it's not about games or advertising the PSVita had a decent amount of games at launch and it still did nothing same with advertising.

People are just no interested in dedicated handheld games anymore when you can play games on your phone. Sure they are not as deep as dedicated handheld games but still they are fun.

Nimblest-Assassin4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

Misleading title

it's japan sales: vita sells under 800 000 K

suspected as much from Frankfurt, you know mr. Ps3 exclusives don't sell/ ps3 multiplats are terrible/ etc

vita needs software that appeals to the Japanese. Vita is geared more to na and Europe with cod and ac

nintendo has the advatage as their franchises are geared to everyone.. That's fully acknowledged by the Mario kart 7 commercial they air, where the American adults keep losing to 10 year old Japanese girls

that hatsune miku game might shift some units, but I guess Sony knows what they are doing

I think

HammadTheBeast4354d ago

You got that rigt. Its sold around 1.2 Million in North America, not to mention Europe and the East sales.

Ult iMate4354d ago

Sega is doing great in Japan at advertising its Project Diva f. I hear some news or new details about the game at least twice a week. I hope that will help to boost sales of the game and Vita aswell.

zeeshan4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

ops double post!

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Jdoki4354d ago

Needs more games before I will get a Vita. I know there are some good titles already, but I felt burned after the comparative lack of support for PSP and am concerned the same may happen for Vita.

I have a feeling Sony will make a big Vita push when PS4 launches, and we'll see a lot more integration between the two platforms. That might be the time I buy.

Knushwood Butt4354d ago

PSP is still pretty strong in Japan, and Sony are still behind it.

Regardless, Vita needs more big titles. Hatsune Miku should do well.

andibandit4353d ago

Yeah, the PSP is actually doing better than the Vita, kind of scary

murkster-dubez4353d ago

The Ps2 was outselling the Ps3 for ages.

Knushwood Butt4353d ago

Well, not scary for Sony, as the PSP is very profitable for them at this stage in its life. Bear in mind that it is more expensive to but a new PSP than it is a 3DS in Japan.

As such, they are very smart to keep on supporting it, and it still does well here. Third parties are also keen to keep supporting it.

So their strategy for Japan is to keep the PSP momentum going while slowly building up interest in the Vita.

tehpees34354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

It needs a price drop. I can't see why this is even being debated any more. It has been proclaimed as having one of the best launch lineups ever so if games aren't the problem then what is? I say the price. Thats really what is stopping me getting one.

greenpowerz4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

It's not games or price. The handheld market moved to casual. Nintendo's stratedy is geared towards the casuals end of the spectrum. PS Vita is suppose to be some "cool guy's tech". Grown a$$ men don't carry around toys in their pockets anymore. Women and children tend to use handhelds more, outside of the loyal hardcore crowd. Most adults use Home Theaters for gaming, the novelty of mobile consoles has fizzled out universally. Most already carry around hardware that they can use for a quick gaming sessions. Only people buying handhelds are people wanting to play simple casual games but are unwilling to invest in a console. This demographic is huge but we already know the casual crowd is much bigger.

I know lots of people that will disagree with your opinion over the launch lineup. Doesn't matter what games come out for vita. The group most likely to buy a handheld dont see it as a simple pickup and play device that has the franchises they like.

Image is another overlook factor. DS is simply and cute(can match color of purse) Vita is some huge bulky man nerd device that needs maintenance(firmware updates, does all kinds of console like crap they don't have time for or care about)

sonic9894354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

i agree with your theory mostly nice thinking but the 3ds didnt start its momentum until the right games got released i know about their casual focus but for casuals mobile phones ipod ipad are their systems for the vita sony can steer the wheel as they want they can focus on both sides hardcore and casuals at the same time and completely nail it you know why cause the vita has more tech than the 3ds it just needs the right software for that targeted market and i see them being very benefited from that and yah release a pink vita and as much colors as possible btw as much as i hate those colors but sony must cater to all tastes
so i would say its more about how they advertise the system release the right games with the right advertisement ( very impotant ) because being better technologically is never a bad thing but how they monopolize it and make it look relevant for the average person

greenpowerz4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

Vita could copy DS games or do them Better(or something original that gets much praise). The Vita would run into the hardware image issue.

The DS name itself, has over time became a brand that nullifies the dying taboo of adults playing video games. No other brand in the industry has made more progress in this regard.

So I guess 3DS finally acquired all the things I mentioned above when you said it took off(Image, simplicity, franchises people love)

Hisiru4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

Your theory is wrong because core games like Revelations, Kid Icarus and even Super Street Fighter IV 3D (which sold almost 1 million) are doing just fine on the 3DS, which means we have a good number of core consumers on the 3DS. Third party core titles are selling much better on the 3DS.

Plus, the 3DS is selling better than the DS at the same period.

The handheld market isn't the problem. The problem is that Vita needs more exclusive games (games you can only find on vita) from popular franchies in order to attract fans like Revelastions, Kingdom Hearts and many others did for the 3DS, this gives more reason for fans to buy it. People want to create a lot of excuses but it's simple: Vita needs more exclusive reasons to make people buy it. If there is a Resident Evil spin off on this thing I will probably buy it because I am a fan of the series (just to give you an example, I already have a vita).

Appealing games like God of War, Halo, Resident Evil Revelations, Mario and some others will never lose market for cheap games on iOS (if you really want to have a deep gaming experience).

Let's put a brand new God of War/Final Fantasy/Grand theft Auto title on vita and lets see if it won't sell. Then people like you will say what? "oh oh oh it seems the handheld market has no problems right now because casual players are becoming hardcore players" lol. It's clear to mee the problem is just games, not the handheld market because the 3DS is doing fine (hardware and software) and Vita will have more exclusive games in the upcoming months.

dcbronco4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

Green I have to disagree with you on who is playing handhelds. The average gamer is over 30 now. And the DS appeals to a lot more than young girls and kids. When the DS first launched it was common to see older business people, especially women on the subway with one. And the games they played with brain training games and now Sudoku. Not cute kid games.


I didn't see older people with DSs on the subway?