What Franchise Should Get the Lego Treatment Next?

"I wouldn’t call my affinity for Travellers’ Tales’ series of movie-based Lego games anything more than mild appreciation. Regardless, I still hold a level of respect towards the developer for its ability to transition silver screen masterpieces to mild-mannered, quirky video games."

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Unexpecta2336d ago

I agree.

But if anything, LEGO GTA.

Dovahkiin2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago ) ndercover

NOT spam stupid N4G.

This looks promising, but we'll see.

PoSTedUP2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

lego spongebob would sell trillions.

Larry L2336d ago

I LOVE the author's idea of Ghostbusters personally, but I think based on the 2009 Ghostbusters Video Game, which was not only a good video game in itself, but AMAZING for a Ghostbusters fan with the game having the original writers and original cast doing the game, but yet the game didn't sell great and everyone was kinda "ho-humm" about in reviews, and fans were more focused on the glitch in the PS3 version where the game was only displaying the 480p resolution version (which was later patched but the damage was done)...........All those things make me think Ghostbusters has completely lost it's former mass appeal. That game should have sold millions.

Some other franchises I'd like to see Lego-fied are
The Simpsons,
Dr. Who,
A LEGO FPS (which I got a taste for with LEGO based Unreal Tournament 3 mods on PS3, it's SO satisfying hitting a house with a rocket and it explodes into a thousand LEGOs),
Or a LEGO fighting game using all of their licensed properties.

But I can predict what the next LEGO game will be. Since they have the Lord of the Rings License, the next game will obviously be The Hobbit. Part 1 of the movie's coming out this December.

SandWitch2336d ago

Lego Lego

The game where you construct Lego in a Lego style

Fel082336d ago

I think a "The Avengers" Lego game would be pretty awesome. Or even an X-Men Lego game.

Moncole2336d ago

Lego Marvel Heroes the game. They already have Lego Marvel heroes lego set.

Beetey2336d ago

Yep. I'm about 80% sure this will be the next game.

FarCryLover1822336d ago

I wish they would just make a "PURE" Lego game where you can build whatever you want just in in real life. Will save people from stepping on legos, like I did when my little brother had all his legos out in the floor.

kneon2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

Lego A Song of Fire and Ice, there would be about 1000 characters to collect, unfortunately most will be dead before the end :)

Moby-Royale2336d ago

It's "A song of Ice and Fire". I mixed it up myself, until recently. :)

Idk about the lego games. They are built for co-op, yet they refuse to have online and voice-chat implemented into their games.

But, that's their decision to make.

kneon2336d ago

I know it's Ice and Fire, it was just a typo. I read the books long before the TV series came out but still often get it backwards when I don't pay attention, it just sounds better the wrong way around.

While I was just kidding about this idea it would be kind of funny to see an M rated Lego game.

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