Torchlight game assets plagiarized by Chinese developer, Runic responds

PC gamer writes: "Torchlight creators Runic Games have found themselves in a public dispute with the creators of a Armed Heroes Online, an MMO for mobile platforms that’s currently available in the Canadian Apple App Store. In a July 13 forum thread about the game on Touch Arcade, an iOS-focused gaming site, users noticed similarities between footage of Armed Heroes Online and Torchlight.

Very soon, Runic President Travis Baldree entered the conversation. Baldree alleged that “All of the monster assets and every dungeon tileset, as well as voices, and most sound effects, are direct rips from Torchlight.” Baldree continues: “I didn’t see ANY monsters that weren’t ours.”

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Mythicninja2309d ago

Oh chinese, your lack of innovation is only matched by your lack of honor

Kurylo3d2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

yea, chinese are in it for the quick buck. Which i respect :) but i dont respect stealing and claiming its yours. lol.

Its funny how they claimed they didnt steal lol... They are only saying that to prolong it as long as they can in the app store to make every last penny they can before it inevidably gets taken down.

rdgneoz32309d ago

Guessing you never saw their "WoW theme park" :P. They are very creative... All those small touches to just barely avoid a direct copy...

joab7772309d ago

It isn't just games. It's, CDs,DVDs,blue rays, clothes etc. But this is obsurd. She knows so much about similarities because her job is most likely a directive to rip off other games as fast as possible. And the Creator of torchlight worked on Diablo as well. I am not surprised but ow can u rip off original audio that they created as a joke. It's funny because why not simply change a bunch of little things. Anyway, apple wants no part of this. It's coming down. And I hope Runic just creates a similar appreciate to replace it.

Nodoze2309d ago

SHOCK HORROR the chinese copying someone else's work? Say it ain't so.

Yet somehow the fing morons that run the companies in the US keep sending them all of their ideas for them to build. There is no free lunch. China is a COMMUNIST regime. The govt is filing plans for each and every widget we outsource to their country.

We are giving them our ideas on a silver platter.