Forecasting Metal Gear Solid 5

‘Metal Gear Solid 5′ cause a minor stir when alleged teaser images were leaked over the weekend. Those images have now been confirmed as fake. But we have our own forecast in mind for the series’ next core installment.

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Psycho_PS3Truthh2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Metal gear solid 5 on the PS4 exclusively would be nice.

Metal gear solid 5 having some naughty dog hands in it to spice it up would be superior.

Metal gear solid 5 set in africa and me playing as big boss would be a great prequel.

These are the ingredients for a perfect metal gear solid 5 and I hope kojima visiting naughty dog was not just to collect goodies of uncharted 2 and 3 HAHA but also to collect intelligence for what is already an intellectual game. Making this game far more intellectual than what it is should be the main priority of the legend.

NeXXXuS2310d ago

Metal Gear wouldn't need Naughty Dog. I think Kojima Knows what he's been doing ever since MGS1.

Psycho_PS3Truthh2310d ago

That is why I called the metal gear series intellectual already. But in society we all know if two great brains link together then maybe we can witness something even greater than our own imagination.

NeXXXuS2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

While I somewhat agree with you, Kojima has already surprised us with all of the MGS games so I don't expect any less from him.

black9112310d ago

I forgot how sid MGS4 end? Also what could MGS5 story be?