Dyad coming to PlayStation Vita? reports that Shawn Mcgrath, Designer of Dyad, is not only interested in bringing his Canadian indie audial/visual [email protected]#$ to Sony’s latest dedicated handheld gaming device, the PS Vita, he’s considering how many man-hours it would take to create it.

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BringingTheThunder2337d ago

so i have a seizure and drop my vita?

jujubee882337d ago

People are not having seizures playing video games! Who was the last person you knew (personally) that had a seizure playing a video game?

Anyways, do not answer that. I do not actually want to know. (I was proving a point)

Hopefully, this game does come to VITA. I want more music infused games and I am so sad that "Sound Shapes" and "Orgaryhthm" have announced the are going multiplatform in a way (mainly because VITA needs to shift more units).

But, hey, the reality is that those devs and publishers need the money and once VITA gets on a good footing of having the millions of user install base, more exclusives will come.

tl;dr ..Yeah I want "DYAD" on VITA. :U

ginsunuva2337d ago

Please!!! I don't really like playing these handheld type games on a console. These types of games were made to be handheld ones.

Unexpecta2337d ago

I can see Dyad being a crazy experience on the Vita, but most notably because of its SUPER AMOLED PLUS sweet screen.