Day One DLC: Should it be allowed?

With the rise of downloadable content for video games, some companies have now started releasing DLC on the same day as the main game is launched. Should this be allowed?

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FrightfulActions2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Day one DLC isn't a problem. What IS a problem is disc-locked content. Content that is already on the disc and you have to pay for the 'unlock' code, now that's a real middle finger.

Would them waiting a month to release DLC that isn't on the disc already somehow make that DLC have more merit? Games don't just get finished and released to the public instantly. It can take months for the finished game to be placed on discs and sent out to retailers. During this time if they want to work on some DLC to have released on the time of the street release, I don't see a problem.

Better to release DLC in the height of a games popularity rather than wait months when most people have probably traded their game in at gamestop.

Coincidentally, in response to the articles comment of "If they give away Zaeed for free, then why not Javik" I have to mention that Javik was free for anyone who purchased the Collectors Edition. He also isn't really that big of a deal to have.

Granted, you'd think the last prothean would be a big deal but its mostly just cosmetic. He doesn't change the story in anyway, the only real nice 'touch' the character adds to the game is if you take him with Liara to the Thessia mission. My point is that he's kinda like ME2's 'Arrival' DLC. He doesn't really matter at all. Least he's a biotic, something the games squad is seriously lacking.

Canthar2287d ago

Agreed, I don't mind well done DLC. Day one or otherwise as long as it is worth the cost which is in many ways an individual choice. Disc locked content is awful though. If you had time to put it on the disc then it should be considered part of the main game we pay for.

NukaCola2287d ago

I say they should BAN:

Disc Locked Content
Cut Content Used as DLC.

If it adds to the experience and doesn't take away I am ok with it, day one or not.

But to cut out content to make DLC a la LA NOIRE, Assassin's Creed II, and well FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 is not fair to the loyal consumers who put a lot of time and money into this passion.

Xof2287d ago

Well, no, that's not the problem, either. The problem is, simply, bad DLC. Period.

Whether it's on the disc or not, whether it's released on day 1 or not, charging gamers for alternate costumes--or worse, merer palatte-swaps--narrative content crucial to a game's plot, or actual gameplay features (like WKC charging gamers to re-customize their heroes) is simply, unequivocally wrong.

By crying foul at "day 1 DLC" or "already on the disc DLC" we lose sight of the real issue here. Day 1 dlc is not inherently bad DLC, and neither is disc-locked DLC.

Whether or not DLC is good or bad can only be determined by examining each bit of DLC individually. Making blanket, generalized statements does little more than degrade the discourse on DLC to the level of a prepubescent shouting match.

FrightfulActions2287d ago

I honestly don't care how terrific or fantastic the DLC is, if it's content that's already on the disc but locked off just so we have to pay to unlock it, then it's pretty damn disgusting.

I don't care how great that content may be, it'd never be justified in my eyes to have content on the disc withheld for you just so they can ask for more money. It being 'good' content probably would just make it worst because it means they're holding back quality stuff from you that you already paid for when you bought the damn disc.

Xof2287d ago

@FrightfulActions: again, that's something you have to look at on a case-by-case basis. Disc-locked DLC is not inherently bad. Why?

Well, you have to look at the reasons that exist for disc-locked DLC.

In many cases, disc-locked DLC is only disc-locked in a single region. Why? Because games are not released simultaneously globally. Given the choice, it makes more sense for a publisher to go ahead and add DLC to a disc if it's already out than to make players download a large file. It's more efficient.

Sometimes, yeah, developers will be cool and give the localization all of the original game's DLC for free as a bonus. And that's great... but it's not necessary.

Like I said before, by generalizing and saying "X is always bad," you're unable to really discuss, or even consider the issue in any real depth.

X-Factor2287d ago

Great article. The Video game industry is an Industry, a business. Those funding the development of games are in it for the profit. I doubt many shareholders care about videogames. They care about profits.

Still, DLC on the day of the Game release is pretty insulting. Makes me feel like, "I thought I just bought the whole game?, guess not"

MysticStrummer2287d ago

It's way too late to ask this question. Enough people buy it to ensure it's continued existence. The market has spoken. Blame the market, not the devs or publishers, when day one dlc, locked content, online passes, and paying to play online become the norm instead of the exception.

Skateboard2287d ago

Disc locked content is the crime.

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