Diablo III – Was It Worth All the Hype?

Diablo 3 was built up by crazy amounts of hype and a decade of waiting, but at the end, was it really worth all the hype?

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Jdoki2374d ago

D3 was always going to have a tough time living up to the hype. But unfortunately I don't think it was worth it.

Blizz seemed to go in a different direction from D2, and in the process made a worse and less fun game than it's 10 year old big brother.

Maybe when the Auction House issues die down, and Blizz release some DLC it'll prove worthy. As of now I have spent a fraction of the time playing D3 that I put in to D2 - and it's pretty much gathering dust already.

DeeBee2373d ago

I agree, I played D2 from release up until WoW came out. I completed all difficulty settings (offline!) and STILL played it. D3 ... well, got that day 1 and as of now it's been over a week since I've played it. I don't even have a max level character and only half way through Act 2 on Hell difficulty.

Yeah, I came to the realization that D3 did not live up to the hype by a long shot, and it does get boring real quick. Shame really :(