Monster Lair Review from IGN

Lucas M. Thomas writes:

"'Purist fans in the early '90s didn't appreciate the shift in design direction that Monster Lair took over earlier Wonder Boy adventures, as its heavy emphasis on shooting action, even when mixed in with more traditional platforming, was just too much of a departure from the status quo. And, in response, later Wonder Boy games went back to putting more focus on the platforming. But that reaction aside, Monster Lair is still a solid and fun experience. It's its own unique creation, and the way that it jumps back and forth between platforming and shooting helps to set it apart from the many other games already on offer in the Wii Shop that spend their time focusing on just one of those styles. If you're up for something that's a bit different, but that simultaneously holds some familiarity and connection to past platformers, give Monster Lair a look. It's worth an investment of 800 Wii Points."

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