Jio4087d ago

"Suck it Wolverine."

I can't wait!

ninjahunter4087d ago

So, people come to a deadpool thread and dislike someone saying they like deadpool. Go figure.

Tomonobu Itagaki4087d ago

If done correctly, they can do brilliant things with it.

user54670074087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

I want to get my hopes up but it's Activision...I...I just can't. Everytime they have something to do with a game it turns out being average at best.

KingDustero4087d ago

True, but HMS is pretty damn good. WFC and FoC are the best transformers games ever made. There is some real talent at that studio. Activision hasn't screwed things up with them yet and I hope they never do.

WeskerChildReborned4087d ago

Yea true, this game might be really good.

colonel1794087d ago

I wish this was as good as Bratman Arkham series, but since it is by Activition I doubt it. Alhough it could still be a good, fun game. Just not AAA

archemides5184087d ago

yeah even though the footage is early, it's looking like a semi-low budget title. less of an effort than x-men destiny anyway, and we know how that turned out.

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P_Bomb39d ago

I see Deadpool made the list. Also saw it in stock at the local game store. Second hand. Might finally pick up a copy.


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ZeekQuattro231d ago

I still plan on getting this game at some point. Just waiting for a price drop.

Lighter9230d ago

I couldn't finish it. You walk around and talk for most of the game. There's SOME fighting involved. Pretty boring to me.

Inverno230d ago

Just not from Activision, or Square.

Godmars290230d ago

Always thought Nolan North as a VA made a strong case for another Deadpool game. Just needs a good story to go along with great gameplay.

jznrpg229d ago

Games that have DLC shortly after the game comes out don’t interest me much