Devil May Cry 4 Xbox 360 vs. Ps3 Screenshot Comparison

Though Devil May Cry 4 was initially scheduled for Playstation 3 only, CAPCOM shows their mastered skills with Microsoft's Hardware in this port.

This comparison shows head to head captures from both Demos released today.

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davez824689d ago

360 ver looks better, oh well another ps3 game i wont be buying, good job capcom.

TheSadTruth4689d ago (Edited 4689d ago )

davez82, I'm willing to guess that you were born in 1982 (maybe) and that you are 29 years old. You are way too old to behaving like a child, no matter how sad the PS3 fans are on this site, you shouldn't be just like them just because they get to you.. act your age man. Be the better person and act dignified.

1.3 - @TheSadTruth
I don't disagree with the comment about childishness, just the comment about being able to be born in 1982 and 29 in 2008 at the same time.

*Typo my bad, but you get my point. 26 is basically the same as 29 in terms of maturity and if you are over 12 you shouldn't be behaving like that.

zambrota4689d ago (Edited 4689d ago )

It is from AQUANOX in the psu forum

AQUANOX is banned from posting in the ps3 section in PSU.He only posts in the x360 section

He posted the pictures of x360 versions in VGA/COMPONENT and claimed them to be ps3s.

OTHERS check here :-

look at aquanox sig on the left

ALSO aquanox doesnt have a ps3

Please be advised that FULL RANGE RGB/SUPER WHITE on PS3 could be turned on ONLY with HDMI 1.3

However you cannot record HDMI 1.3 streams if you dont have PS3 SDK

a normal user like AQUANOX wont have the PS3 SDK (costs 25000$) to record HDMI streams


the Gamersyde video wasnt done by the people at that site.
It was sent to them by DOT50CAL --a random user

PROOF :- "Dot50cal sent us this nice comparison video of both demos of Devil May Cry 4 on PS3 and 360. "

so it wasnt done by people at Gamersyde . they actually posted the video sent to them . Ofcourse the ps3 version had RGB PARTIAL/SUPERWHITE turned off since a random user cannot record streams on HDMI 1.3 and SUPER WHITE/RGB FULL are turned on ONLY WHEN YOU USE HDMI


so the video comparison/screenshots are FAKE

mindedone4689d ago

I don't disagree with the comment about childishness, just the comment about being able to be born in 1982 and 29 in 2008 at the same time.

TheSadTruth4689d ago (Edited 4689d ago )

Now if you want to make your own judgement about which looks better

The right side is the 360, the left is the ps3. I honestly thought they both looked the same until I resized both. One obviously looks better but I won't point it out, you can judge for yourself since I'd prefer to keep my 2nd bubble for a few more weeks. I don't enjoy this kind of game anyways personally and don't even own a HDTV. '

And for those that are delusional out there.. look at the bottom of the sword.. they are both resized to the same proportions also (you can do it yourself if you want)


Like I said I'm not one to make biased judgments and I'm not saying the PS3 version sucks or anything nor do I know anything about the pics I'm just posting about what is in front of me

If you are right then obviously it's a poor comparison to make

zambrota4689d ago

the pics were posted by AQUANOX

an XBOT in the PSU forum

He is banned from posting in the ps3 section

Others see the GAMERTAG of AQUANOX here

check AQUANOX gamer tag too

He doesnt own a ps3. He posted the pictures of x360 versions in VGA/COMPONENT and clailed them to be ps3s

davez824689d ago

"davez82, I'm willing to guess that you were born in 1982 (maybe) and that you are 29 years old. You are way too old to behaving like a child, no matter how sad the PS3 fans are on this site, you shouldn't be just like them just because they get to you.. act your age man. Be the better person and act dignified."

oh please, get off your pedestal, I'm a consumer and I decide how I spend my money, it has nothing to do with maturity. If i see im getting the bad end of the stick then im not forking over my money. And a lot of ps3 owners feel the same, look at games like rainbow six, it woulda sold way more if it had been at least an equal port, capcom will lose big on the ps3 side, word gets around fast.

Whoooop4689d ago

Born on 1982 = 29 years old???

Think you needed to emphasize a little bit more on math...

too late I guess

masterg4689d ago (Edited 4689d ago )

Once again we sit here and look at picture from an unknown source.
And once again people eat it up like it's fact.

Let's see a comparison by a site that can be trusted.

This is what said:
"The controls felt a little tighter on the PS3 version simply because that is what the game was designed to be on and that’s what we used to from previous DMC games. The Xbox 360 is virtually identical to its PS3 counterpart, but it does have rumble. You can’t go wrong with either version."

PS3 owners say:
"It doenst look like this on my screen.
It sadly looks like a person trying to manipulate the results to fit his own twisted needs."

radzy4689d ago

xbox 360 = 512 mb video card ram

ps3 = 256 mb video card ram

all because cliffy b.
go cliffy b.

Snukadaman4689d ago

Dont you think he got banned from because he was showing pics that show the xbox 360 as being better?? yeaa that wouldnt happen on a xbox fanboy site if the situation was reversed right...anyways...these are some terrible pics too have comparisons with...the only pic i think was different was the dragon ones and they were not that different.

dktxx24689d ago

The Xbox has more ram but the ps3 has faster clock speeds. plus it can access the xdr any time.

eLiNeS4689d ago

N4G = Fony PofS3 fan site!

either that or lot of people need to get there eyes checked.

ParaDise_LosT4689d ago

Doesn't he link it to Gamersyde?

InMyOpinion4689d ago

Try blaming gamersyde instead, that's where he got the pics from.

vickers5004689d ago

Thats it, I quit the comments section on n4g. I cant handle these immature little b!tchboys arguing over which version looks better, just for the sake of being right and somehow feeling superior. The comments get worse as I read them, and its finally made me realize that there are some things you need to ignore, and that logic and reasoning is pointless to try and use on them.

There is no longer any room for discussion about games anymore, it's all just a great big f*cking contest on who has the best game console. Grow the hell up, seriously, talk about the actual game, and compare it if you must, but be civilized about it and stop throwing around these stupid "hahaha, just shows that X is always better than Y, and Y is not as good as X, and your stupid for thinking that you fanboi drone" comments.

Not like any of you will listen, as a comment that tries to balance everything out is always seen as "fanboyism". Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought games were created to be fun, not to be argued and bicker over. Guess I thought wrong...


Biphter4689d ago

You're posting your own fanthread in a forum for PS3 users with screenshots from the biggest Xbox fanboy site, that were taken by a NOBODY random guy as a submission to N4G news? Anyone who does that is TRYING to prove something desperately.

This is complete propaganda at its fullest effect.

I can't believe people are saying "thats it, i'm buying the 360 version for sure now" based on this comparison, its ludecrous! if you say that, you never intended to buy the PS3 version, and most likely don't own a PS3. Even if they WERE true, its not that much different. I know for sure there fake because looking at my own TV with my own eyes, the PS3 version doesn't look like that. Its like all the credible sites are saying, there is no difference graphically, it all comes down to controller choice, and for me its DualShock 3 all the way.

BrianC62344688d ago

I don't see how anyone can say the 360 version looks better. First, the screen shots are mostly horrible choices to show anything. Most of the PS3 shots are nothing but dark areas so you can't compare them. But just look at the last shot. The sword is a lot smoother on the PS3 side. The 360 side seems to have a lot of jaggedness to the sword.

GIJeff4688d ago

"360 has 512 video ram"
its a fact the the 360 has 512mb of total memory, so if all of it is for video, where is its system ram? if you had more than $hit for brains youd know that the 360 has 512mb of shared GDDR3 for the video AND system. The ps3 has 256 dedicated GDDR3 for video and 256 dedicated XDR ram @ 3.2 ghz. and as someone has pointed out, its possible to access all of the ram from anywhere on the system. You = fail.

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toughNAME4689d ago

I'm still surprised MS managed to get bad boy away from Sony, but I would naturally assume it would look better on the PS3

----> Here comes the...outright denial

Mr_Kuwabara4689d ago

These are Japanese programmers were talking about. Not EA/Ubisoft.

Panthers4689d ago

It looks almost identical. The only difference is when it shows the swords in the middle. The 360 has more jaggies. that is the only diff i see.

gamesblow4689d ago

Played the demo... It was, as I suspected, just like the others. The graphics on the ps3 version didn't interest me in the least. I didn't say WOW, one time. I didn't enjoy the demo at all. It was like I stepped back to 2001 again.

I cannot comment on the xbox 360 version, but ... Ps3 fans, wait for this one to drop in price. It's not even worth a download.

Thursday4689d ago

I have to say that I don't agree one bit. The demo is well worth the download, and the graphics/environments are great in this game. Floor textures etc look amazing, and I would recommend this demo to everyone, just for the imagery.

Got it for the PS3, haven't downloaded it on the Xbox 360 yet, since I prefer the PS3 controller for these kinds of games.

Mario184689d ago

Damn, I thought the Ps3 one would look better!

Panthers4689d ago

It does. I dont know what versiuon you guys are looking at.

SmokeyMcBear4689d ago

yup.. 360 screenshots are better.. looks like a lot of jaggies on the ps3 side, and the ground looks better on 360. It just looks kinda blurry.. then again.. always wonder what is doing the screen capture.. just play the demo see for yourself. I wonder how the controls are on the 360 though.. ive heard some things.

pwnsause4689d ago

what jaggies, my you please point them out to me?

Martini4689d ago

Look on the edge of sword and hair - better AA on 360 (thanks to free AA developers get form the built in function on 360).

Panthers4689d ago

I have to say that you guys are wrong. I see jaggies on the 360 side. The sword has a lot more on the bottom pic. Other than that I see 0 difference.

Fototherapist4688d ago

Ok, now I'm hearing that both versions have jaggies. I'm also hearing a lot of confusion about where the photos originated from. Therefore, I'm going to download the PS3 version first. If I see any problems with it I will check out the 360 version. If there are no problems with the PS3 version I will likely buy that version for the simple fact that DMC was born on the Playstation. I can wait for the dual shock 3 to come out for the rumble, which is possibly the only real reason to buy the 360 version. Make sense?

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