'There is no Vita version' of Borderlands 2, says Pitchford, but 3 studios have expressed interest

At a recent Borderlands 2 hands-on preview event, took the opportunity to ask Pitchford for clarification about a possible Vita version.

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Sephris2290d ago

I was playing some Iron Butterfly when I read this. Now I have stuck in my head: "Oh my god it's a Vita baby..." lol!

egidem2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

AAhhh come on! Borderlands 2 on a Vita with crossplatform play? Which Vita owner wouldn't want that????

This needs to happen. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN!!

Sephris2290d ago

Heh heh...I wasn't knocking the Vita. Iron Butterfly was a band in the 60's that came out with the song "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida." ; It was their biggest hit and was popular well into the 90's. It was just something funny that came into my head while I was reading. I would love to see borderlands 2 come to Vita. Then I could justify buying one. lol

Sephris2290d ago

Egads...I just realized I've passed a very disturbing milestone in life. I'm beginning to talk oldmananese to those younger than me. O.o

Lazy_Sunday2290d ago

I express interest, and I'm not even a studio

JBSleek2290d ago

Will it come with the $60 retail version of the game so I can download it a Vita? I can only hope Sony starts to do this because otherwise $100 for crossplatform play just isn't a justified purchase.

KonaBro2290d ago

you would say that. In any case no it will not be $100 as MLB The Show was an $80 bundle for the PS3 and Vita versions together.

JBSleek2290d ago

1. Of course say I want a downloadable version of a game I jusy purchased?

Makes sense to me and many journalists have stated that it would make sense and would sell more if you just had to pay $60.

2. Not $100 my bad let's assume $80 bundle is avaliable. Better but still $80 is a steep asking price for the same game. You know what I'm trying to say?

xursz2290d ago

I'll be buying 2 copies regardless to play with my cousin. If it comes to Vita I'll have no problem opting for that one instead.

ApolloAdams2290d ago


Why am I expected to pay more money for the same game and Sony wants to talk about Cross-Platform play as a main feature yet that is too much money.

I love you Sony but please the ports are killing me.

one2thr2290d ago

Isnt Borderlands 2 a multiplat?

GodHandDee2290d ago

I hope all of you realize this is not up to sony. Borderlands is not a sony first party game and hence the pricing of the game is on the publisher of the game not sony

jukins2290d ago

i doubt it will be the exact same game. but i'd pay extra money for the ability to continue my game on the go doing little bite size side missions collecting loot then when im home after a work day transfer my progress to the big screen and continue.

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Ultr2290d ago

Im not interested in the console version like at all, I did not like borderlands 1, however, if this comes to the Vita, IM AM definately willing to give it a try!

GaryOak2290d ago

So Gamers want it,Gearbox want it,OTHER FRIGGIN DEV'S WANT IT! Sony,this is a Monster Hunter type game for the west you always wanted! Get on it!

StraightPath2290d ago

Ports?..lets have orginal vita titles for a start.

AnotherProGamer2290d ago

Ocarina of Time, star fox 64 3d, MGS: snake eater 3d, mario kart 7

ya, so original...

omarzy2290d ago

mario kart 7 is not even a port. people have been using the ocarina/star fox port argument for the last 12 months. Get a new one. Fact is, the big sellers on Vita are also on the 60 million and up ps3 fanbase. That is not good at all.

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