God Of War The Movie Is Confirmed But Who Should Play Kratos?

Now that the video Game "God of War" has slipped onto the big screen, who should they pick for the lead role? shows you the 5 actors that are being considered. Which one would you pick?

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Sephris2378d ago

I'm hoping for Jason Momoa..he has the angry Kratos face down perfect!

KidBroSweets22377d ago

Vin Diesel. He also has that deep, bad ass voice too

ChiVoLok02377d ago

I could hear Vin Diesel doing Kratos voice perfectly. I don't get why he gets so much hate though.

darthv722377d ago

Terry Crews? Yeah he is black but they could do make-up.

gaffyh2377d ago

Jason Statham and Vin Diesel aren't the best of actors tbh.

I think Christopher Judge would work quite well, and yeah, the make-up thing doesn't really matter because Kratos is covered in white ashes anyway.

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BitbyDeath2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Agreed (Jason Momoa)

NeoTribe2377d ago

That really is a good match. Don't know if his voice resembles krotos.

Lord_Sloth2377d ago


ALLWRONG2377d ago

Wouldn't you rather have actors who can actually act?


I dont think Kratos demand alot of acting skills, just be pissed off and yell alot. I think he can do that

Moby-Royale2377d ago

I saw him on Conan(not the movie lol).

He is actually quite charming.

I liked him in GOT.

Not too crazy on the idea of a GOW movie. But, he would probably be my pick too.

andibandit2377d ago

Obviously Michael Cera is the only one who can portray Kratos

BitbyDeath2377d ago

Jason Momoa says he would consider playing Kratos

ritsuka6662377d ago

Adoni Maropis Quan cho of mortal kombat.. this guy is perfect for this movie.

Oh_Yeah2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

did they really ask who should play kratos? the only answer to that question is Gerard Butler...with a bald head

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LOGICWINS2378d ago

Or Tom Hardy. Anyone who saw Bronson/Warrior would be able to see he has the intense physical acting ability for the role.

Hellsvacancy2377d ago

Good choice, i doubt itll happen though

Tonester9252377d ago

The Rock!! The Scorpion King!

Sephris2378d ago

That's my second choice. ^^

Psycho_PS3Truthh2378d ago

I will surely be watching this film of one of playstations greatest ICON, this film will make billions if they allow kratos to be the slayer that he is.

Dark_Overlord2377d ago

"if they allow kratos to be the slayer that he is"

I hope so too, none of that 'teen rated appeal to the masses shit', anything less than a full on brutal gore fest would be an insult :)

Campy da Camper2377d ago

Agreed. I wish the folks who did 300 were directing. That art style with intense fighting and killer set pieces would be awesome. Get the guys did Wrath of the Titans special effects to make the Titans and stuff.

FinaLXiii2378d ago

Dominic Purcell is my choice