JUNE NPD: Game sales down 29% in US during June

The NPD Group's retail sales data report for the US games business did not paint a pretty picture for the month of June. The double-digit declines keep mounting as total game industry sales fell 29 percent to $699.8 million, while software sales (including PC) also dipped 27 percent to $362.8 million. Accessories was the only category to tick up slightly (4 percent) to $169.8 million.

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Dlacy13g2384d ago

Not the greatest of numbers for the industry for sure but feels better than May.

xursz2384d ago

Too many people arguing about games instead of actually playing them.

chukamachine2384d ago

The land of 360 and the home of the zombie.

Awesome-Xanto2384d ago

It's getting close to the end of this generation, and there hasn't been very many "must have" games releasing. So this is a surprise how?

Prince_Dim-Lu2384d ago ShowReplies(5)
310dodo2384d ago

generations ending

...they dont release any AAA games in summer

sleeping dogs i cant wait for you
august 14th!!!

Ryo-Hazuki2384d ago

sleeping dogs, P4 Arena, and darksiders 2

flyingmunky2384d ago

Lets not forget borderlands 2. Game is gonna rock!

r212384d ago

this guy's got the right idea, games are what should we be thinking of, not sales!

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The story is too old to be commented.