Nintendo Hardware and Software Thrives In November's NPD

Nintendo continues to dominate both hardware and software sales. As the company takes 4 of the top 10 spots in November's NPD numbers.

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Sokol1382d ago

Not hard to do when you continue to charge max prices on both hardware and software for months and years...

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Sgt_Slaughter1381d ago

Oh lord here comes the excuses again.

Doesn't it say a lot about their hardwares and software that it still sells stupidly well despite being full price? It makes other publishers look bad when they can only get a certain amount with countless price drops while Nintendo games continue to sell consistently at the same price.

I enjoy price drops but let's not act like Nintendo is evil here, why would a business lower the price of something while it's selling ridiculously well? It would make no sense.

Traecy1382d ago

Just bought Jedi Fallen Order which I'll start tomorrow night. Glad to see Death Stranding in the top 10 which I've been enjoying playing.

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Ransomed.vc group claims hack on ‘all of Sony systems’

CYBER SECURITY CONNECT writes: "Relative ransomware newcomers have claimed to have succeeded in what could be a devastating ransomware attack on global entertainment giant Sony.

Ransomed.vc has only been operating since September, despite some links to previous forums and groups. However, in that time, the group has racked up an impressive number of victims – and Sony is one of them."


Admin note: This may or may not have anything to do with PlayStation specifically, but as they claim to have hacked 'all of Sony systems' we'll include it as part of the rumor and allow it on N4G until it is made more clear the level of information obtained.

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Battlestar2356m ago

Cool hope we get some info on Sony's future gaming plans like the FTC leak MS gaming plans.

RaffiJ10m ago

Only a truly vile person would call this "cool".

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Phil Spencer Wants To Revisit The MechAssault IP, Says It Was "Ahead Of Its Time"

Phil Spencer considers MechAssault to be ahead of its time, with a lot of potential, saying that a revisit would be nice.

Elit3Nick6h ago

No better time than now while BattleTech's popularity is exploding

Philaroni5h ago

Not sure if many still have it but MW4 was amazing back in the day, still got my Sidewinder Joystick MS made. Still amazing to this day. Part of the reason I believe we are seeing so much more BattleTech is due to years and years of lawsuits and such that kind of stopped it from happening.

kopp3rbug6h ago

Yet I.P.'s like Banjo and Conker continue to stay dormant.

Obscure_Observer3h ago

Who cares? I would have a new MechAssault over a new Banjo or Conker any day.

Phil is investing on Xbox own IPs AND new iPs, which is nothing but great news for Xbox and PC gamers.

IamFrasierCrane45m ago

You’ve probably never even played MechAssault 😂

kopp3rbug44m ago

He is not investing jack $h1@ . Buying up publishers with established I.P's and then claiming victory isn't the ideal way to go about things. I understand It's competition, I get it. However, Rare was purchased soooo long ago, we got Kinect adventures and sea of thieves and grabbed by the ghoulies, Banjo nuts n bolts, and perfect dark zero. I'm sure mech assault is more your type of game, I respect that, however banjo and conker have a huge following, and Microsoft needs a killer platformer, Lucky's tale wasn't it, ended up multiplat after some time. In regards to Phil "investing" , he's been "investing" since the beginning of the Xbox one and nothings come to fruition. Scorn was talked up so much, killer app for Xbox, blah blah blah, forgotten. Crackdown 3 was meant to be an advancement in cloud technology and world destruction, failed. Starfield is, well, starfield. It's a game amongst many other games, it just exists, and until Bethesda updates or changes that horribly , long expired , graphics engine , then their games will always be half baked. Cough*, Redfall. At the end of the day I'm a gamer, I enjoy gaming on all platforms, PC, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, however Xbox has been a platform of wait and see, the games are coming, for far too long.

RaffiJ7m ago

No he's buying existing multi plat IP's and making them exclusive and you never cared about Mech Assault but of course now you'll pretend its the second coming of Jesus.

purple1016h ago


Virtua-on from Sega says hi. Release date 1996
Armoured core 1. Release date 1997

Mech assault release date 15th Nov 2002.

You need to do better.

anast5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

They can't do better. They don't have any idea of what they know and what they don't know. These writers just blow stuff out. Game writing is one of the few areas which the writers know close to nothing about the subject matter and still get paid.

isarai5h ago

He never cared till he seen Armored Cores recent success

Philaroni5h ago

That was kind of all of our hopes the OG AC fans, it we hope is going to make a new rise of Mech games in general. I do alot with the community, along with Battletech (Roughtech) and MW5. Now that we got MW5 Clans also coming out and my hope is maybe some kind of big Gundam game sooner rather then later. Its a market in the industry that is under played.

dumahim3h ago

Someone will make a new rock band type game and if it sells, he'll talk about bringing back Guitar Hero.

Obscure_Observer3h ago


"He never cared till he seen Armored Cores recent success"

That´s a lie.

He been talking about a new MechAssault before Fires of Rubiccon even been announced!


Get yourself informed before go out spreading your bs lies.

FinalFantasyFanatic2h ago

I hope we get an Armored Core remaster collection, I would fork out for that.

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LightofDarkness4h ago(Edited 3h ago)

So? Mechwarrior came out in 1989. Maybe you should follow your own advice. Also GTFO with that Tumblr "be better" nonsense.