Best Buy discontinuing 80GB PS3

"The 80GB version of the PS3 is going closeout and won't be replaced at this time," it reads. "It will come off the planogram on Jan. 28. The 60GB version should already be gone from stores. Only the 40GB version of PS3 will be sold in Best Buy stores at this time."

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pwnsause4376d ago

there is going to be another price cut, I know it, and possibly another SKU, jeez, why another sku?

sajj3164376d ago

its just the 40 GB SKU with a different color. I do believe that the white 40 GB might have some improved parts in it to warrant a separate FCC filing.

The scan is suspect though. I have my suspicions but I do believe that Sony's business model it to heavily promote the PS3 (non PS2 compatible). This goes in line with what Kaz stated just days ago.

mikeslemonade4376d ago

This is the best idea because everyone just buys the most expensive sku blindly. PS2 BC is not needed what so ever. There is also a chance to make a PS2 emulator for the PS store.

sonarus4376d ago

i doubt sony will leave only 1 sku they will probably go with one high end sku and one low end sku strategy. Since 40Gb was introduced their sales have really gone up so maybe they will stick with this. They could bring in an sku at 399 and drop the 40Gb to $299.

ErcsYou4375d ago

the word on the streets is....
Best buy is getting ready for something big....
80g pricedrop while supplies last
40g pricedrop monday... BB is expecting to sell them like hot cakes.
New 80g bundle's (plural) are coming..

Sarick4375d ago

I disagree with your BC isn't needed.

This is totally your opinion sure it can be lived without but not everyone feels the same way as you. I don't care if you can own a separate console for PS2 games or what not. Most people want a choice when upgrading. If they think BC is important more $100 power to them. If they feel the same way as you they can also buy the low end model.

Your like ford when the Model T was released. It was only black and no features at all. Today if I want to pay extra for power windows, heated seats, sun roof and air conditioner those options are available to me. Manufacture be damned if they take choices away from the consumer!

I believe the 2 SKU is perfect for customers. You have your no frills volkswagen and your luxury limo. I want that choice and believe i'm not alown out there. Don't try and tell people what they don't need it undermines their right of choice and intellect.

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Maddens Raiders4376d ago

is this the way to go about it? Will there be a 120GB offered in it's place? This is all that I can come up with on this one.

wind_dragon4376d ago

just upgrade your hdd. i did. 160gb for $80.

Maddens Raiders4376d ago

is Anego Montoya's submission yesterday re: the Best Buy $299.00 drop? Hmmm.....?

Anego Montoya FTMFW4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

this IS happening everyone.(the $299 ps3)


Condoleezza Rice4376d ago

for making an uptight b!tch such as myself crack a crooked grin

Anego Montoya FTMFW4376d ago

w/ you and that SWEATER VEST. mmmmmmmm.


jcgamer4376d ago

LOL...bubbles [email protected]'s in the Tarot Cards! lol

Guwapo774376d ago

It's a Celebration B!tches! Drink up and be merry!

*must be said with the Chappelle voice*

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pwnsause4376d ago

Did you guys remember about that 120gb SKU that was supposed to be in the FCC's Hands, dont you guys think that its going to happen, I think its going to lose PS2 support as well. Sony shouldnt allow this to happen, unless sometime at the end of the year we would be getting %100 software emulation.

sajj3164376d ago

if they have a 120 GB SKU w/o BC, no big deal. The initial "F U Sony for no BC" comments are over now. Its not that big of a deal. The 40 GB model is a big reason why they are still in the race.

If it does become a big deal as more purchase the PS3 expecting PS2 BC, I think Sony will go 100% software emulation. Again, I think taking the EE and the PS2 GPU out of the PS3 is a good thing. I am sure that Sony engineers can at least get 90% of PS2 software emulated if they are called to do it. Right now, decreasing the price is more of the concern. You need a decent price + good software to get buyers. I think console history has taught us that.

pwnsause4376d ago

well isnt the BC chips cost about $100 dollars, if so, then good.

JVIDICAN4375d ago

actually they only cost around $25 XD i think people could stand paying another 25$ for bc

Lord Cheese4376d ago

doesnt make much sense if the only sku is a bigger hdd, given its upgradable anyway, and there isnt that much huge (capacity wise) content on psn - unless they are adding some other unanounced features.

I dont mind much anyway, i'm just happy mine has an emotion engine :OD

athlon7704376d ago

They have that IPTV thing coming. You will need a lot of space to recorde HDTV to your PS3 and still have room for demos and game installs. One of the reasons I bumped my 60gig up to 200gig. Making room for the Linux install and using my PS3 as a DVR.