Coming Attractions: RPGs

Eurogamer have already presented roundups of this year's most promising shooters, racers, action-adventure and sports games. Now it's the turn of role-playing games or, as the professionals call them, "RPGs".

Speaking of MMORPGs, there's Age of Conan and Warhammer Online to look forward to this year. Xbox 360 owners will get Too Human, Lost Odyssey and Fable 2 exclusively, while cross-platform titles will include Fallout 3 and Rise of the Argonauts. Square Enix will be cranking up the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest machines again too.

There's a lot to be getting on with, in other words, so without further ado...

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Meus Resistance3920d ago

The 360 is the console of choice for RPG's.

lonestarmt3919d ago

yeah if you only like western rpgs. PS3 and DS are the systems for J-RPG's

ericnellie3919d ago

Gosh, I've got to disagree with your comment -- only because, as of now it's simply not true. The 360 as of NOW has more JRPGs, RPGs, and MMORPGs than the PS3. I'm not saying the situation won't change but with these already already out, your comment just doesn't hold any weight...not yet at least=) I'm sure things will change eventually.

lonestarmt3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

@ ericnellie well I"m glad you didn't argue about the DS (that would have been stupid). As of right now, your very right, but in 08 and beyond, what I said makes perfect sense. PS3 has two atlus games coming. White knight story, a great game by level 5 who work on great games like dragon quest 8, jeanne d'arc, and rouge galaxy. Diseaga 3, in fact nippon ichhi announced a game for the 360 then quickly took it back. Eternal sonata (sold very poorly on the 360) with extra characters, story, and content. Last remnat from square. Then they have three final fantasy games, the flagship ones, final fantasy 13, final fantasy vs. 13, then one more. They are most likely getting star ocean. They are getting the new tales game ( prob on 360 too) Its going to have a new mmorpg from SOE. Battlefield of the valkyrie. The support for J-rpgs on the PS3 is huge! Just like sony has two consoles the first year it has a slow j-rpg's then explodes. All 360 has is mistwalker. Thats it. Yeah it has few of the games I just listed, but then that much more. I have to disagree, just look at the list PS3 has a huge future in J-rpgs. My statement had tons of weight. However thank you for a mature disagree. Therefore you get a bubble.

ericnellie3919d ago

True; I'm sure the PS3 will once again take the crown with JRPGs;) Bubbles for you too (as if you need more, LOL). Thanks for the GOOD quick discussion!

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Douchebaggery3920d ago

no White Knight Story = fail

lilwingman3920d ago

Agreed. Assuming FFXIII doesn't get released, White Knight Story will most likely be the best RPG of the year.

lonestarmt3919d ago

this is most likely the most Japanese rpg ignorant list I have ever seen. No white knight story or last remnant? what about diseaga 3? battlefield of the valkyrie? eternal sonata for PS3?or dragon quest 9 and final fantasy IV remake on the DS? tales of rebirth? Wild arms XF? Soma Bringer? Not to mention FF 13! I sure as hell hope they didn't put it on the list because it might not come out in 08. Also okami wii? sorry okami isn't a rpg. Its like zelda action/rpg. Seriously WTF?

Laexerias3919d ago

So true, JRPGs are the true RPGs the Western RPGs are not the games they were, JRPGs are still great, and they wont lose their charm.

Le-mo3920d ago

And Final Fantasy XIII.

Vertius3920d ago

No White Knight Chronicles, Final Fantasy XIII and The Last Remnant? What's with that?

lonestarmt3919d ago

prob because he doesn't give a damn about Japanese RPGs

SL1M DADDY3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

Not for what it has included but for those games that they excluded. Sorry, but if you are going to make a list based on anticipated RPG's, it helps to get the public's opinion and I am pretty sure that there is some desire somewhere for White Knight Story, Last Remnant, and(if it in fact is released this year) FFXIII.

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