Namco Uncertain if Tekken Belongs in Smash Bros.

That some quantity of Namco Bandai characters will end up in the next Smash Bros. entries seems almost a certainty now that the company is developing the games with Nintendo's Masahiro Sakurai. The question is which ones?

StarFox4092d ago

As both a Tekken fan and a SSB fan, i do not approve of tekken appearing in SSB it just seems very awkward and out of place. i felt the same way when Snake was is SSBB.

zeal0us4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

I can see some Tekken characters probably fitting in.

-Gon the tiny dinosaur from Tekken 3
Fighting style probably similar to Yoshi.
probably a heavy hitting slow character like Donkey Kong
-Mokujin the wooden dummy.
probably would be a copy-cat fighter like Kirby

None of the ones listed are human characters from Tekken.
Regardless I still have a hard time seeing these characters fitting.

Afterlife4091d ago

I heard that NB doesn't own Gon. Gon is from some manga. I don't even want him in Tag 2 like some people are requesting.

I can see Klonoa being in the game.

MasterCornholio4091d ago

Well Heihachi is in all stars so I don't see why the say this.


omarzy4091d ago

Lars is who i want n the next smash bros, but i would prefer some tales characters.

Gekko4091d ago

I'm don't they do either since Smash Bros is a series of games with Nintendo characters fighting each other. Bringing characters to a series that has nothing to do with Nintendo doesn't make much sense.

Pacman on the other hand would be perfect since he was on a Nintendo console and seems to fit in.


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Sakurai unsure if Smash Bros. can continue without him

Super Smash Bros. series boss Masahiro Sakurai is unsure if the franchise can continue without him.

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Magog689d ago

It's one attack button and one jump button. I think Nintendo can handle that without him.

Eidolon688d ago

I am pretty sure it's a hell of a lot more complex than that, but go ahead and shit on someone and something you have only the most basic level of understanding.

--Onilink--688d ago

Yeah, everyone knows real combat games have 4 different jump buttons, thats what makes them hardcore

PhillyDillyDee688d ago

Its been a minute since ive seen you spewing your nonsense here.

So if its so easy to make an arena fighter with the same level of polish and depth as smash, why has no other dev been able to do it? There’s good reason these games are called “smash clones.”

Sakurai has literally devoted his life to this game and it shows. You just dont like this type of game and are what is commonly referred to as a “hater.”

FinalFantasyFanatic688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

To be fair, some fighting games make their combat systems way too complicated, just play soul calibur 2 and then compare it to the most recent one as an example when it comes to getting too complicated, simple to learn and harder to master is fine by me.

Notellin683d ago

My boss also pretends she's responsible for the results of my work even though I only speak to her 10 times a year.

More Great Man Theory nonsense. I'm sure there is loads of talent capable of replacing this man that all work in that studio.

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Terry_B688d ago

Yeah..just like every other fighting game series that started in the nineties and its creators are gone since ages from the companies. ...is he OKAY?

G3ng4r688d ago

Guy has created a monster that is sure to outlive him. Smash is one of the largest IPs on the planet so nintendo will eventually have to find a new director. Hopefully the new guy prefers melee to brawl.

Magog688d ago

There will definitely be another one made. Imagine having the ego to dismiss all of your coworkers that helped build the game by saying that without your contributions the series can't continue...

Pyrofire95688d ago

I was thinking, surely SOMEONE, but Sakurai really is a unique guy. He really loves his games. He learned to play two characters at the same time. He has the mind of a really dedicated player and understands really well. Smash really would be different with anyone else.

PhillyDillyDee688d ago

I think Nintendos only option is to maybe build off of Ultimate and eventually port it forward to their new consoles. Adding and balancing a new character every year or so would keep us all happy while preserving Sakurai’s swan song.

Magog688d ago

So basically what they do with all their other IPs?


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