PSX-Sense: First PS3 Essentials and prices announced

PSX-Sense writes: Last week there were rumours that Sony are introducing Essentials for Sony´s console, suchs like previously done on the PSP. Now the first PlayStation 3 Essentials and prices are announced. Get all the information trough the link.

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RXL2888d ago

roughly 20 bucks (American)?..


Sensu2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Well, I don't know if it also works like this the other way around but here goes; When a US price is revealed, they just use the swticheroo and replace the $ with € sign. American price might just be $15 :)

RXL2888d ago

converted it and it's 18 bucks..rounding'll be around 22...25 dollars..

that's considering the dollar right now...

Sensu2888d ago

Wow, that would be bad luck for the americans. Sure don't hope the prices end up that high!

0pie2888d ago

I dont know but... It look something made up by ubisoft, the list contain only ubi titles.