Smash Bros Wii U: 'Big Priority For Namco', Tekken Team To Be Involved - Harada

Smash Bros Wii U has been discussed by Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada in some detail, discussing the Tekken team's involvement, Namco's approach to development and crossover characters. Full quotes here.

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Etseix3001d ago

Before any troll enter and comment " copying the PS " this is good, nobody but us gamers are winning from this.

Looking forward to SMB , just hope it looks more like Melee than Brawl ( imo )

Ck1x3001d ago

I think producers need to sit down and STFU! Do what he does best and make games. Its like they all want to be movie stars and in the spotlight now. In one breathe he's happy for the collaboration with Nintendo and in another he's trashing the WiiU saying it has a slow CPU. (Which is the very first time any company has come out and said anything of the sorts. Many things and negative might I add have been said about WiiU, but it's never been about the CPU at all.) So this guy is just all over the map right now in his comments, he needs to get back to making SSBU and STFU! Lol