Frontlines becomes Xbox 360 console exclusive due to Unreal Engine?

"THQ had the following to say about the issue, "In October, we announced certain product quality initiatives, including personnel and structural changes in product development and a more rigorous internal and external product evaluation and feedback process," said Brian Farrell, president and CEO of THQ. "Consistent with these initiatives, we have taken actions to strengthen our pipeline and position ourselves to compete aggressively with compelling, high quality games.""

"Mostly the engine we're using--Unreal Engine 3. One of the main things about it is that the PS3 came a year later than the Xbox 360, so that actually delayed us making a budget in a sense for what's possible on the PS3 versus the Xbox and PC. Also, the engine wasn't ready for a year later because the PS3 came out a year later. So [with] the Xbox and the PC platform we've found more solid a platform to develop on, but the engine is literally just finished for that platform and that's actually a long time. All the first games for the PS3 are coming out now for the PS3 on that engine."

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the worst4387d ago

i wasn't buying this game anyway

GRRiMREEAPeR4387d ago (Edited 4387d ago )

...but after playing that demo... even I dont care about this game, or this news... and i was interested about it for a while. oh well, onto other news... the ps3 still havin Problems with that engine huh...hmmmmm

Foliage4387d ago

"the ps3 still havin Problems with that engine huh...hmmmmm'

You do understand that video games aren't made in a day, right?

Like the article mentions, they were having issues before the PS3 release. That is about the same time as those other few developers. Saying the PS3 is "still havin" problems is just not true. UT3 (the game) is proof that the engine is finalized for PS3 production. If a developer was too incompetent to take an engine that wasn't finalized at the time to produce their game, when many others have, they should have waited for UT3 to be released and created a "mod". lol.

i Shank u4387d ago

im with ya man; i had been interested in this game for a while, but after that demo my interest dropped like the tits on a 70 year old

gamesR4fun4387d ago

imo no reason for them to have canned the ps2 game and the other studio as well...

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niall774387d ago

oh well..... I guess Ill make due with the 100 other shooters coming out that i have actually heard of.

resistance1004387d ago

'I didnt even hear of this game untill it was canned.'

I think you sum up the thoughts of most Ps3 owners.

Lord Anubis4387d ago (Edited 4387d ago )

Same here, I do not know anything about the game. Looking at the picture it looks like a moder day shooter but other than that I have no clue what the game is about or who is developing it.

cmrbe4387d ago

I thought this game is battlefield.

Le-mo4387d ago

TBH THQ is an average developer at best. IMO they only have three games that are worth buying which are the WWE franchise, Red Faction and most recently Saint's Row.

DTClown4387d ago

as a developer and build your own engine! Quality developers do this all the time. But then again, you ARE THQ...!

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The story is too old to be commented.