Frontlines PS3 cancellation is official reports: "THQ has today announced the cancellation of Frontlines: Fuel of War for PlayStation 3, confirming rumours which have been circulating around the internet over the last week. Frontlines on PS3 isn't the only title to be culled, with the PlayStation 2 version of Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed also pulled from the release schedule."

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wil4hire4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

Frontlines Fuel of War?!?!? Oh my god.. this had to be the biggest release of 08. I know everyone was looking forward to this one. Jesus christ how could sony let this one get out of their hands?!?1 I mean.. theres Killzone2/Resistance2/LittleBi gPlanet/MetalGearSolid/GranTur i smo5/DevilmayCry/Farcry2/Final Fantasy/The Agency/Motorstorm2/Uncharted2/ and about 30 others. Left.. This is a first time in the history of games that this has happened... I am so much in shock right now

At this rate... No one on the PS3 will enjoy any type of Front Lines.. except on the PC.

The PS3 probably couldn't handle the next gen graphics of THQ's masterpiece.

This has to be the absolute worst news for the ps3!

I mean theres HD-DVD dying...

Then theres the PS3 version of games being Graphically better..

Then theres the PS3 doing very well in sales..

I mean how are we supposed to sleep knowing that this AAAAAA title wont be played on our PS3's?!? What are we to do?!


bababrooks4381d ago

you must be used to cancellations now Will, in time you will get over it! there are plenty of good games for non fanboys......hehe.

Bladestar4381d ago

look at this morron.. what does HD DVD has to do with this game being cancelled on the PS3? let me guess.. Toshiba paid to get the game cancelled.

Blame yourselves for this... who ask you not to buy games... after seen the suck @$$ sell number of high profile and already stablish fanbase such as Unreal Tournament... do you expect developers to bother making games on the PS3?

You are proof of that... you only speak of Metal Gear, Final fantasy, Kill Zone 2 and other super high profile games... which I believe are the only kind of games able to bring revenue to the developers... sadly for most 3rd party developers they don't own these IPs... to most of you fanboys... only the games you keep mentioning exists... developers are just reacting to your mindset.. why work hard on stuff that you will not buy? the PS3 is not the platform for 3rd party game developers to try new IPs and ideas...

monkey6024381d ago

Bladestar it isnt really a good idea to use sales numbers on a game that is still unreleased in many areas.

aceitman4381d ago

has sold more on the ps3 than it did on pc so take that

XerockX4381d ago

If your not a little bit bummed about this,you're in denial. The demo for this game is fun and I for one was looking forward to buying this game for ps3 instead of 60 like most of the games I buy.

lawman11084381d ago

You such a bias little douche bag. God forbid you should ever have an objective opinion. I played the demo on this game and it looks like it could be alot of fun.

dantesparda4381d ago

"look at this morron.. what does HD DVD has to do with this game being cancelled on the PS3?"

Its "moron", you moron! not "morron", and its "have" not "has". Damn you're dumb. And that's just in your first sentence! I didnt even bother reading the rest of it. Waste of my time.

And Lawman, why are you talking sh!t about him having low bubbles when you have same amount of bubbles? Retard!

fusionboxer4381d ago

Was state most of the stupid posts to follow by posting them first. We all knew in some shape or form someone would mention HD DVD, other games leaving the ps3 in the past and just junk we've all heard countless times in the past.

Anyway I admit i'm a little sad this game isn't coming to the ps3 because when i originally read the article about it in Game Informer, the idea of having different objectives throughout the entire game and slowly moving your frontline forward sounded great. Also the ability to level up certain skills looked nice too.

To my dismay I was able to play the demo that came out on live a little while ago and was unimpressed, but was looking forward to the online mode. Unfortunately my live subscription just ran out so I was just gonna pick it up for the ps3 like I did burnout, but now I can't. I don't feel like renewing my live now either because i've had some difficult times in the past couple weeks getting it to work properly anyway. Whatever though i'll wallow in sadness later and just play it at a friends house.

Blademask4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

but funny.

Alpha_Gamer4381d ago

U shuld not care so mutch abuot peepoles speling. He ownlee mayd a cupole of mastaykes. Stop beeng thuh gramer polise.

Pain4380d ago

sound familiar.... bla bla bla 'Alan Wake' bla bla bla 'Fable' bla bla bla 'Gears'....?

360 dead again?

dantesparda4377d ago

Yeah, i hear ya, but its just this guy cant even spell the word "moron", and here he is calling other people "morons". That's ironic! Him and POG are the same, both are complete and utter dumbasses

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Mr_Kuwabara4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

But is THQ in trouble financially or something because hot damn are they cancelling projects on multiple consoles from left to right and even studios all together....

Ju4381d ago

AFAIS, the only title they have release for the PS3 so far was Stuntman Ignition and ATV vs MX (Rainbow). Seems more a trouble report about THQ then anything else. (A friend of mine worked at Stuntman, gotta ask him what's going on...).

barom4381d ago

It sure sounds like financial trouble. Come to think of it I don't really think they've had any successes recently. Most of their games bombed.

Kulupoo4381d ago

sigh~I might get this game for PC if is any good... for now more BF2 and warhawk... and burnout paradise

Sarick4381d ago

Who has plans to by them out

EA, MS Sony or Nintendo? Based on the mass cancelations it looks like their about to go belly up. A perfect opportunity to be baught out.

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THC CELL4381d ago

played the game it sucks
on x box like a dull call of duty

I smell mgs 4 hmmmmmmmmmmmm am i happy

x box can only dream of that game

bababrooks4381d ago

mgs will be great, we will all have to dream untill it comes to a console near you.........yawn, is it here yet?

jwatt4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )


Ju4381d ago

LOL, but on the serious side, I liked the concept. I was hoping this is a more strategic oriented game, not just another shooter. Oh, well...

mighty_douche4381d ago

aahhh bummer.... resistance 2 and killzone it is then...