ComScore Data on the Big Video Game News Web Sites

Dean Takahashi of writes, "I've been curious about the pecking order of the video game news web sites for a while. Here are the numbers on some of the bigger sites from comScore MediaMetrix, the market researcher that keeps the scorecard on web traffic."

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power of Green 4656d ago

Why is N4G in the Header?, whay did you expect although N4G is the best site in theory its now used as an tool with one side controlling it. Only Fanboys with goals and agenda's use this site people that would never say the the things on other sites come here. Only a few actually respect this site for what was originally going to make this the greatest site on the web.

mighty_douche4655d ago (Edited 4655d ago )

lol are you seriously moaning about the calibre of this sites users?

look at your f*cking self mate.

THAMMER14655d ago

Power of green is 100% correct. People use gang and group tactics on this site more than a Republican vs. Democratic web site and you are a part of the problem your self.

People throw around more ignorant false claims on this site that I have ever seen and this crap is getting ugly. If I did not believe that this was the best site on the web I would have left moths ago.


mighty_douche4655d ago

yes i agree people abuse the site, thing is, you cant complain about it when your the f*cking idiot doing it!

ravinash4655d ago (Edited 4655d ago )

Actually the links and articles here are good as its a quick access to all sites and the latest news.
But lets face it, the comments are crap with guys just mouthing off and talking crap like teenagers.
mighty_douche isn't so bad, we know where his loyalties lie, but he only really tend to bash on things to prove a point to the fan boys to put them in their place.
but that truth is everyone will have a favourite console for different reasons.
I myself prefer the PS3 because I feel that its built better, I never had problems with the Sony brand, I prefer the game line up, and I like the O/S system on it better than the other one.
Of course other people will like 360 more for other reasons.

The only problem on this site is you either have idiots who don't know how to express them selves, People who just want to get attention, or people who just want to start a fight.
Just the other day Lawman was making his usual comments about no PS3 games and calling uncharted unwanted. the same stuff he says over and over. So when I asked him why he makes comments about PS3 games if he obviously does not like the PS3 and wouldn't be playing them....all I get back from him is yet more comments he's uses on this site (the one about PS3 being a door stop) and then calling me a loser.
So there you have it, someone who opinion really is worth 2 cents.

TitanUp4655d ago

just ignore the comments. on the news side weird rumors get posted and we dont get much news from the xbox side now

before it was the exact opposite wish people would approve of both ps3 and 360 news

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4655d ago (Edited 4655d ago )

comments but still can't log into the forums? X(

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4655d ago

the forums & posting comments. Just checking, BTW Where's N4G?

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