SNES Emulator on the iPhone and iTouch

This new emulator for the iPhone and itouch lets the user play NES games directly on their device. This is an emulator so the user will be hacking the device with some sort of firmware, so this may give them issues if they need a repairs. The Device is a beta so it is very much in the early stages thusly is not released yet. The Beta Tester Club members at is still working out the issues it may have, as said by the publisher of the article.

{Below you will see the Pre-beta build of the firmware}

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Nugundam00794657d ago

That screen will have crazy smudges on it...

jonboi244657d ago

i feel sorry for the iphone/thouch. but does anyone know this song.

bootsielon4657d ago

For some reason I was thinking about Chrono Trigger on the emulator before I watched the video X-O

pwninator4657d ago


The song is "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor.