Wii workout trounced by traditional exercise: study

Canadian students have given each other a Wii workout to see if the top-selling videogame console can get couch potatoes to work up a sweat.

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wiizy4658d ago

wii doesnt replace a gym.. and this story is old . they are talking about wii sports.. at least it help some gamers not to be couch potatoes.. but wii fit will actually have real benefit to it. and show more innovation from the big n

big04658d ago

Just ride a exercise bike while you play problem solved.

LanRanger4658d ago

Exercise bike + Wii Sports: Boxing = A great cardio workout for me.

bozemanriverrat4658d ago

...Game Informer, there's an interesting one page article where one of the writers uses Wii Fit for 5 days and measures its effects. To sum it up, he basically says that the "workout" portions offer more fitness substance than the mini-game portions and that while it is possible to work up a sweat, its virtually impossible to keep up a steady heart rate due to the length of each activity and having to navigate through a bunch of menus between each activity.