Five Minor Enhancements We're Expecting Next Generation

Media Street writes: "The Internet has made this generation more predictable than any generation of gaming consoles before it, and while the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii are certainly not the first family of entertainment systems to be born during a time of cyber communication, they were clearly the most heavily influenced by it. Thanks to the endless pursuit by gamers on the internet, the world seems to be constantly met with brand new leaked information about what's to come out of the gaming industry in the near future. Unfortunately for the most eager, none of that information can be considered a 100% truth until the company in question speaks on the matter, which is why we like to pass the time here by putting ourselves in their shoes and hoping that our dreams of an awesome future console matches up! Here are five minor features we'd like to - and probably will - see when the next generation begins."


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DarkSymbiote3002d ago

Wow, everything besides number 1 sucks.