Ubisoft's Early 2008 Release Schedule

Way down deep in the recent press release showing the 2007 earnings for Ubisoft, they unveiled their 2008 title release schedule which includes a few notable titles. Peep the full list.

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mintaro4663d ago

all my interest in this game has disipated......

Ducati4663d ago

*sigh* indeed. Ubisoft must have supreme confidence in this game being able to compete with the likes of GTA4, MGS4, etc. I understand that they want to boost sales for the next financial year, but it may backfire very badly on them.

Mattearl4663d ago

So Haze is indeed delayed......... again.......

heyheyhey4663d ago

Assassins Creed? last i checked, things already completed are not supposed to be on a schedule

give me haze dammit, i need that game baaaaaaad.... i already planned out my co-op party so why delay it again? WHY?!

p.s i know the world doesn't revolve around me, it was just a joke

captainpwn4663d ago

is what they're talking about. And, f^ck HAze, just get CoD4. It is amazing.

TwissT4663d ago

And Haze is no where to be seen in this list DAMMIT FREE RAD AND UBISOFT RELEASE THIS DAMN GAME!

n_n4663d ago

wow, i didn't know Ubi was publishing those 2 FF games

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