Xbox Live Arcade Games That Have Vanished…But Are They Gone For Good?

GZ: Xbox Live Arcade has a whole plethora of great games to offer, from long-lost favorites like Radiant Silvergun and Crazy Taxi to new releases that are bound to be classics, like Spelunky. But despite the growing offering of downloadable games, there are a certain few that didn’t quite make it to the service.

Why is really beyond us, because these games that we found really deserved just as much of a chance as the ones that did find a release. So here now are some titles that we feel should’ve been given a second look, followed by an explanation as to what went wrong on their way to Xbox Live glory…

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Frankfurt2351d ago

Contracts end. Rights change. Are the writers underage and never had a job or something?

You can still download your old XBLA games, even if they've been removed. If you've paid for it you can download them again either way. They only disappear for people that have never bought them.

c1oudy2350d ago

That isnt what this article is about, its about games that didnt quite make it to the XBLA platform after development or publishing troubles.

MacDonagh2350d ago

What is mentioned in the article are XBLA titles that have YET to be released, due to difficulties of some kind. You can't download a game if it's not been released.

opinska2350d ago

read the dam article first... >_>

MWH2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

there's a game called Nightsky, it's an atmospheric puzzle game but it's atmosphere is unlike anything i've experienced in a very long time.. especially if you lived surrounded by nature as a kid, like a house in the mountains.

Nightsky is available on PC but i wish it also comes to live for people to experience.