How To Cool Your Xbox 360

Marc Sandford from Ameriacan Chronicle writes:

"To stay ahead of it's competitors, Microsoft rushed the production of it's Xbox 360 product too quickly. Because of this, it has a failure rate of over 30 percent. Due to it's many built in 'bugs', the Xbox 360 is a frail device.

This article will discuss different ways to keep your Xbox cool."

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Mr_Kuwabara4664d ago

Some of you may know this already, but for the few that don't, hope this helps! :)

marinelife94664d ago

LOL @ "frail device" that's a euphemism for piece of $#!+.

Maddens Raiders4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

that's one tough line right off the bat coming from a California paper. Sounds like this guy may have seen some ups and downs, himself and is trying to help, but dashes all of that when at the end, he finishes off the article with a cold, wintry blast: "Find out how Microsoft's design mistakes caused the "red ring of death" and get some Xbox troubleshooting advice at


Blademask4664d ago

You should get achievements for using the different cooling methods.

TheTwelve4664d ago

Lol...that was nasty. Funny, but nasty.

I wonder what Xbots say when they read this...when they see an unbiased report from people who honestly want to help. This article has nothing fanboy about it. It's just the truth.

There are some truths about the PS3 as well, but I don't mind them and live with them (like how we don't have in game XMB yet).

Hey, just keep it real.


n_n4664d ago

that was hilarious.. lol... ouch

kewlkat0074664d ago

I've played hours without issues.

My issue is the FN noise. Any after market parts? I don't know which fan is making the noise, Heatsink or Outtake...That sh!t is just to loud, my computer is quiet.....sheesh

Oh well waiting for that new case..

DarkSniper4664d ago

The best way to cool an XBOX 360 console would be to simply throw the system in the garbage can, and let the winter breeze cool the system as it erodes into the dirt.


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The story is too old to be commented.