GT5: Prologue European release date

The portuguese PS3 website received news from an official Sony PlayStation source that GT5: Prologue will be released in March. The exact day is not revealed.

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green4282d ago

Does anyone know when the full version is due for release?Because i intend to get a PS3 then.

marinelife94282d ago

I'll buy the European version if it comes out before the US version. At least then I'll be able to read the menu options.

Bebedora4282d ago

No release date confirmed as of what I know...

achira4282d ago

i will buy it. the full version will come at the end of 2008, i think.

dzg4ever4282d ago

I will buy this too, but I doubt that full version will come in 2008. in USA and Europe, i think spring 2009. is realistic

Xeikon4282d ago

Umm didnt we already know this?

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