Retailers Removing HD DVD from Stores?

Video Business reports that slowly but surely, many retailers are removing HD DVD players and titles from stores, with some leaving only their websites for HD DVD needs. However this rejection of HD DVD isn't as big as some may hope. In some shops, HD DVD is still being sold, however Blu-ray is now gaining more shelf space since January 4th (Warner announcement).

"To date, studios and retailers have blamed format war confusion for stopping consumers from adopting high-def.

Trans World, which operates more than 800 F.Y.E. storefronts, will be giving more catalog room to BD titles than HD DVD titles. Also, in the coming months, Trans World plans to order select, key new releases on HD DVD, while continuing to take in most new BD releases."

Video Business doesn't report however that stores and online stores like amazon or Best Buy are informing customers about the Warner announcement but wont declare HD DVD is dead...yet.

Source: Video Business

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damnwrx4657d ago

to have HD DVD around...Thank you

n_n4657d ago

good, the sooner it's burried in the grave the sooner i can get Heroes Season 1 & 2 on Blu-ray. Glad this format war is ending sooner than we all expected.

zambrota4657d ago

a major chicage retailer dropped HD DVD today as well.

I guess HD dvd will be fully dead within weeks

hotshot1274657d ago

from the movie industry to the gaming industry for sony. good times..........good times

lawman11084657d ago

They would mark them down and sell them not just remove them from the store , and don't bring up they are going to sell them on line because belive it or not most people still are not on line at home. I could care less who wins, I have a PS3 for BR and a stand alone HD dvd player I don't care who wins because until they drop UNDER $20 bucks I am NOT buying any of them. Please $30 bucks for a DVD, they MUST be on crack!

kevin11224657d ago

so you bought a blu-ray player and an hd-dvd player but have no plan to buy movies? why not wait a year or two until the prices come down.

DJ4657d ago

HD-DVD movies at Circuit City, so it's not a big surprise. I'm guessing most retailers are refusing to buy new HD-DVD stock; pretty soon we'll just have DVD and Blu-ray racks. It'll make things simpler for consumers, and increase their revenue/profit.

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The story is too old to be commented.