GTA IV Preview (Gamespy)

1/23/08 - Gamespy writes:

"A complete screenshot breakdown is on this page, but if you want to read about the missions that were shown to the press, then head straight for the details on missions"

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murfo4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

woo hoo! i'm the first person to read this, doesn't that make me the most special (or is that specialist?) person in the world

murfo4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

i'm being sarcastic btw, before you all start having a hissy fit

Kratosnake4664d ago

Why can't Rock Star ever get the damn hands physics right. Look at those ugly damn hands. IT PISSES ME OFF!! the grahpics aren't impressive at all. I mean I understand its a big game, but aren't i supposed to be impressed? One of the screenshots, for example, are of a cop holding Niko at gunpoint. Look at the cops hand and how his arm is holding out the gun.... it just looks so last gen. This isn't "Uncharted", I know, but still. I expected more, Rock Star.

360CameFromHell4664d ago

This game is going to be awesome, but I hate how everything looks so shinny/glossy, his jeans appear to be made of glass, looks weird.

Is it just me? Or somebody else sees that too?