Rumor: Nintendo blocking shipments to cope with demand


"A Dutch video game and hardware distributor has let us know that Wii and NDS shipments have not been delivered for the past 2/3 months in the Netherlands. They speculate that Nintendo has a production problem and is withdrawing distribution to the respective regions in order to cope with the demand in bigger markets."

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n_n4663d ago

i just want a Wii so that my daughter doesn't take over my ps3 all the time. still looking for one...

Yi-Long4663d ago

Maybe they underestimated the demand, or maybe they intentionally wanna keep the big hype alive by making sure the Wii's are always sold out, but when the PS3 drops to 300 euro and the 360 follows, I wonder how many people are still willing to hunt after a rare Wii...

Also, I'd like to see Nintendo come out with a Mario Galaxy bundle, for all of us people who dont have friends or family to play with...

n_n4663d ago

agree with you... i still think the Wii is just another fad. it will die out and those casual gamers will move onto the core stuff eventually.

Wingnut264663d ago

Eric Cartman...that's who

Pacifist4663d ago

I don't think you understand this article...They are simply not giving out shipments to a place in the Netherlands and instead giving it to bigger markets like Us or japan - they are not purposely restricting shipments they are just giving shipments to places with bigger demand

bym051d4663d ago

I just can't believe after a year they haven't been able to ramp up demand enough.

I think they're working to artificially constrain supply.

akaFullMetal4663d ago

or just getting a big enough gathering of wiis and holding the supply when they introduce wii 2, and not have a huge stock of the old version.

CrazzyMan4663d ago

Sony shipped 1.2 mln. in Europe and 1.2 mln. in Usa in last 5 weeks of 2007.
That`s 2.4 mln. + Japanese shippments like 200-300k.

And to say, that Nintendo can`t make atleast 3 mln. Wii, which is (i am more then sure) more simple to create, this must be Joke.

Anyway, Wii is like pokemons, yo-yo, tamagochi. When nintendo will fulfil the market, sales after that will just go down.
Then need that shortages situation, just that developes would think, that wii is popular and would make a lot of games, before market will be fulfiled. =)

Frances-the-Mute4663d ago

....yet, its still out selling the competition

wiizy4663d ago

poor fanboys.. silly with their comments like its going to help their systems sell any better....nintendo and wii is on top for a reason cause nintendo knows entertainment means games that appeals to everyone and to cater to different people.. not just toy soldiers that likes to play shooters all day long.. once shipment is fixed the wii will be back to doubling the other systems

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