Haze PS3 Delayed Again

Publisher Ubisoft has once again pushed back the release date of Free Radical's drug-enhanced shooter Haze. The company now expects the title to arrive at some point during its 2008 fiscal year, which runs from April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009.

The company had previously slated the game to last fall, at which point it was pushed to an early 2008 release.

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TheHater4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

the game is coming out March 19th. That what it says on my Preorder.

It has been confirmed that this is a PS3 exclusive.

sonarus4663d ago

all this delays either mean the game is crap or it will release simultaneously on ps3 and 360

Regret4663d ago

Timed exclusive, i bet.

Joey Gladstone4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

and they are just sh!tting it down the drain with all of these delays, i can understand a few extra weeks or a month to finalize the game and deliver the best product they can, but i dont recall them having to Delay Timesplitters 80 times to deliver A+ material........something seems off about this game, and it smells like a HUGE LETDOWN ......i guess only time will tell

....."The JOEY has Spoken"

BulletToothtony4663d ago

is that i'm really looking forward for haze to be my next buy.. if they push it past mgs4 or killzone there's NO way i'll be buying this game, the only reason why i would buy it's because there's pretty much nothing in feb

but man they're dumb if they think that is gonna sell as good as if with no competition... that's what happened with lair, i was gonna buy it but then it got pushed past ratchet and i didn't buy it anymore.. haze will be fun but i won't play it when there's better games around, which means i won't buy it, so who loses? free rad. I really hope it comes out no later than mid march or forget it

TheXgamerLive4663d ago

It's the only way they'll reap any of there coinage back for making the game. The AI looked dumd as a box of rocks so hopefully that gets fixed.

Huddymonster4663d ago

I think Joey is smart and I would vote for him to be President but I think he might have molested the olsen twins on the set of full house

BrianC62344663d ago

This is really dumb. They now say sometime during the next year. The game must be having a lot of problems if this is true. By the time it comes out there will be much better games to buy. This is one of those games that was supposed to keep us busy until Killzone 2, MGS4, GT5 and other big PS3 games come out. Now it might have to compete with all those games and GTA4.

n_n4663d ago

just another shooter to me... but the story doesn't sound too bad... i might check it out.. who knows, too many shooters these days makes them all generic

Cwalat4663d ago

expect ur preorder to change from march 19th to atleast summer...
this game isn't end of the world, considering how many games there are gonna be-

Army of two, Alone in the Dark, Killzone 2, MGS4, GTA4,.. many more,,,

so this delay only means it will be better when it comes out, and i cant argue with that..

zslash4663d ago

It doesn't matter what it says on your pre-order. This news comes from Ubisoft's latest financial report. The earliest the tile could come out now is in April.

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paul_war4663d ago

I still really want this game, just becuase of the developers. Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Timesplitters are all my best FPS. I've had this game pre-ordered from when it was due in December.

Don't care about delay though, give it the time it needs, don't know how it will sell, but its going to be a very good game.

Dmack794663d ago

it's ashame really. And it's strange, because in the latest issue of EGM they said,

"while a tad rough around the edges, the gameplay on the nonfinal version we played (with four-player-co-op support) was great, thought the lavels didn't seem as polished as they should be. BOTTOM LINE: Haze has a lot to like, but it's not quite the PS3's answer to Halo 3."

I say it's strange cuz it sounds like the gameplay was very fun/enjoyable (which mostly matters in a game). But the whole polished thing was something I thought could be finished by the time Haze releases (March).

My theory is that perhaps Free Radical kind of got intimidated by all of the awesome shooters and other various games coming out for the PS3 this year (KZ2,R2,LBP,MGS4,FF13,GT5p). So maybe they were throwing around the idea of delaying it when they read EGM's opinion. And once they heard that Resistance 2 will have 60 player matches and 8-player-online-co-op (which beats 4 player co-op), Free Rad made the decision to delay it further. They made this decision becuz they probably want HAZE to be "PS3's answer to Halo 3." they wanna make the best FPS they possibly can. And even though they might not make a ton of money at launch date, they figure if its awesome then it will slowly but surely make a ton of money and eventually be embraced by gamers around the world.


Bubble Buddy4663d ago

Ubisoft, just let Insomniac Games help you lol.

Sevir044663d ago

i'm passing on it... sorry, because one MGS4 will be out and so will GTA4, secondly infamous and quite a few high profile multiplats will be hitting as well. and then ofcourse KZ2 and Resistance 2 will also be well damn close so i cant devote my time... it must come in march or it will not get my attention... if it slips later then really i'll wait till it's like a discount... all these delays is just rediculous it's been the 4 one since it was announced a ps3 exclusive. bring it edamn it or loose sales

Peekay4663d ago

I 100% agree with you Sevir

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prowiew4663d ago

This game will sucks. Guaranty

suedester4663d ago

And why would that be oh wise one?

mesh14663d ago

this game should vanish in a haze of fire tbh

prowiew4663d ago

My humble feeling and opinion. I dont know. It just looks to generic. But who knows.

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LSDARBY4663d ago

Do they expect it to sell amongst high profile games like Killzone 2 and LBP.

CrazzyMan4663d ago

so, it won`t be easy to create game with "just ok" graphics and good gameplay, you will need to do your best, to get interest from ps3 users. PS3 users don`t buy everything, like x360 users, ps3 users buy only best games.

Ju4663d ago

Why not ? I mean LPB ? How is that competition to a shooter ? And KZ2 ? Well, that's no competition what so ever. Just because I want KZ2 doesn't mean I'll stop shopping for other stuff. If you haven't reserved your budget for KZ2 yet, your problem anyhow. R2 and KZ2 will be my top shooters this year (and if Graw3 should surprise me somehow, then that, too), but I won't even buy MGS4. I'll take a look at it, I am not sure if I am that big of a fan of its game play mechanic, despite the fact it will be one of the most awesome titles this year, visually. So, I keep Haze on my list, because I like the story and the visuals. And if it'll flop ? So what. Got one flop, then. No big damage.

monkey6024663d ago

Free Radical have earned my respect with the TimeSplitters series so i'm willing to give this the benifit of the doubt until i try it. If it ever releases that is.

jwatt4663d ago

I completely understand why they delayed the game, when they were going to release it in 2007 a few people said that it had framerate issues and stuff. This gives them plenty of time to get things right plus they propably notice the ps3 sales started to pick up.

You can disaree with me if you want but I think Ubisoft wants to wait untill Mgs4 is released which will give the ps3 more sales. Plus by that time they will have a well complete and polished game.

Remember this is an exclusive game from a third party the timing has to be right.

THE_JUDGE4663d ago

I have no doubt that the delays have little to nothing to do with Free Radical who made it. I am disappointed but I can't wait to play it when it does drop.

Snukadaman4663d ago

the hell you say theres issues on the ps3"......well this delay news only pushes the xbox version of this timed exclusive even further...timed exclusives for the ps3 dont work..because they know dam well xbox 360 titles they got too wait until they fix the issues the ps3 version has...and then release the xbox version...hence my argument of the ps3 slowing games too release for the xbox 360.