GamerTV reviews Devil May Cry 4

Gamer.Tv reviews the final build of Devil May Cry 4. You can see the video review here. Enjoy.

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Cwalat4286d ago (Edited 4286d ago )

Capcom delivers yet again,

they are just angry because they werent allowed to share the whole story of the game,

Dpa4286d ago

"Capcom delivers again"
and 6/10 don't go hand in hand.

n_n4286d ago

can't wait to play this for myself

LeonSKennedy4Life4286d ago

Neither do all the 9/10 and 10/10's that it's been getting.

Listen, the game will be amazing.

Don't listen to some stuck-up, British crackhead.

HCS4286d ago

i still wanna play it for myself.

monkey6024286d ago

The most important review of this game for me will be my opinion on the demo this week.

n_n4286d ago

i always recommend myself when reviewing games... somehow myself really knows what i like in games :P

LeonSKennedy4Life4286d ago

Suck it, you British hack!!!

Bloody tosser!

AngryHippo4286d ago (Edited 4286d ago )

'stuck up british crackhead' and 'suck it, you British hack!!!''re a complete idiot for making comments like that.

EDIT - I do agree with you on one thing though, that the game will be amazing

GITPWNED4285d ago

And here I thought this game wouldn't suck like the last three. What a shame. Better luck next time, Crapcom.

GITPWNED4285d ago

Compared to what? God of War? Hell no. DMC sucks. Worst waste of 30 bucks for the PoS DMC Collection I've ever spent. The game is crap. It fails in many areas related to the very basic foundations of game design.

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