Joystiq interview: Atlus goes for Baroque, talks future plans

'The road less traveled' seems the mantra for Irvine, California-based Atlus USA. With an impressive catalog of obscure titles to its credit, Atlus is looked to by many North American gamers as a beacon of originality, having localized such titles and franchises as Odin Sphere, Persona, and Growlanser, among many others. But why does this company remain dedicated to games of such niche appeal? Unable to come up with a consensus, Joystiq marched upon Atlus USA itself, and spoke with some of the employees who didn't duck out of sight when they saw Joystiq coming, including editor Clayton S. Chan, PR and sales assistant manager Aram Jabbari, production director Bill Alexander, and QA lead Victor Gonzalez.

What did they have to say? Read the complete interview, including in-depth insight into the company's upcoming PS2 and Wii 'hardcore' dungeon crawler Baroque.

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wiizy4663d ago

hope atlus decide to bring even more original games to the wii.. both hardcore and casual

chrno64663d ago

I hope they bring jrpgs to the ps3, I really don't mind the ps2 grahpics since their rpg are some of the best out there.

PS360WII4663d ago

Yea I like Atlus games even if they are strongly niche type games ^^