Xbox 360 Breaks Down 5 Times In A Row, MSFT Refuses To Replace It

Greg writes in to tell consumerist that on January 2nd, his Xbox 360 unit broke down for the fifth time-it lasted eleven days this time, setting a new record for Shortest Period of Functionality. In the past year, it's been out of commission for over 12 weeks total. He's now asking for a new or refurbished unit, or else a refund, but Microsoft is determined to keep him in an extended warranty repair cycle indefinitely and won't negotiate. Surely by this point it's just cheaper to replace the defective unit, isn't it?

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Madbrain4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Buy it and cry...

Double-Edged4665d ago

mine is working. and it's a launch.

and it has Gears of War. The game that PS3 has still yet to beat.

and a library of solid AAA+ titles.

How about your PS3? still waiting?

TheTwelve4665d ago

I don't feel sorry for this guy at all. If he's stupid enough to buy a console that has broken down more than twice (the first time might just be bad luck, you know) then he deserves what he gets. Get a PS3, shut your mouth, and stop complaining. There are enough Xbots like the guy above to promote the broken hardware for all of the people left who are rich enough or stupid enough to buy a 360 at this point. I mean, come on. Since everyone I know who had a 360 had theirs break, I know not to buy one even without the countless online stories.


Anego Montoya FTMFW4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

actually no, i`m playing currently.

-Oblivion pack
-flOw expansion

is that NOT enough? should i have more games on the GO!

@ry guy

you should learn how to read.

did i say better. NO.

i said this is what i`m playing right now.

and asked if thats NOT enough.

you want a list of games.

-White Knight Story
-FF13 versus
-Motorstorm 2
-Killzone 2

that`s more legitimate than 360`s line up.

learn to READ. it helps sometimes!

cr33ping_death4665d ago

my 360 broke last week..... too bad MS was so focused on beating SONY they had to rush the console...... it does have some awsome games but cant do much when your console is [email protected] up all the time. good thing i bought ASSCREED for the PS3.

ry-guy4665d ago

I can spit out Xbox 360's gaming library and claim I'm playing all of those games too. What you posted was a pointless counter arguement.

The same goes for the Wii. I could post their gaming library, doesn't matter about its quality, but it still doesn't make your "system's" gaming library more legitimate than anothers.

Carbon4665d ago

Me and my buddy both got 360's on launch day. His broke about 6 mnths after and then he got a new one and it just 3 ringed him about 3 months ago. I turned mine on and got the 3 ringer about 2 months ago as well, although it hasnt done it since. Still the new 360 is haveing a 10% failure rate.

marinelife94665d ago

Yeah I'm not going through that crap and Too Human and Ninja Gaiden 2 aren't enough to make me want to have to deal with the uncertainty and headache.

Good luck 360 owners until MS gets to 99% I won't be buying one.

Sez 4665d ago

same 360 still work since the day i brought it.(launch system) 2 years strong. so no complaint here.

ruibing4665d ago

I think his point is that 360 users should really stop saying that there are no games for the PS3 as it only makes them seem ignorant.

beaner714814665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

played gears of war for pc. Thought it would be much better than it was, it was actually pretty say that it is the game that the ps3 has to beat in my personal opinion is not setting the bar very high at all. I was ready for that game to be over by the end of act 3 at the pumping station. It was run here hide shoot, run here hide shoot, dumb. I have all three systems and personally feel i have played better first party titles on the wii (mario galaxies) than gears of war on the 360. The orange box was better on pc than on 360 by far. I currently use my 360 to play puzzle quest (xbla content ported from the psp) and as a media center extender, i have not purchased a single game for 360 as the only one i really wanted (bioshock) was released on pc....however i probably will pick up lost odyssey until FF13 come out or the system dies, whichever come first.

lawman11084665d ago

My first launch era 360 went RROD again at the end of November. I called for the coffin to ship it off and I had heard it was down to 3 weeks to get it back. A month went by so I call and they tell me they never got the coffin BACK, long story short after 8 more fights with English as a BAD second lang. I have to go to the UPS store and go on their computer to find MS's tracking number to prove they did get my unit. I tols them I want it back,a new one back or a invoice so I can go and get a new one. On top of all of this I have an Elite to boot (it does run cooler with the falcon chips and less loud) I was even ready to start using the PS3. MS has the WORST coustomer service I have ever seen. F.U. MS

KillaManiac4665d ago

I agree 100% with 1.4...the RROD is the only reason I have not picked up a 360 yet. I plan to eventually buying a 360 cause im sure in a year/year 1/2 PS3 and 360 will have another price drop.

I only have a ps3 atm, will get a 360 and a Wii (MABEY!!!) when it drops JUST to play SSB (Only game thats AAA to me on Wii, but its amazing x10!! BEAT THE HELL OUTA PIKACHU!)

Imalwaysright4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

but seriously now i really wanted to play Mass Effect (Bioware fan) but MS f*cked up 360's hardware and now im hoping for EA to port this game either to the PS3 or the PC.

ushman4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

we get it, you don't like the 360. If you like the PS3 so much why are you posting about the 360?

marionz4665d ago

has anyone noticed how sony fans seem to spend all there time searching google for bad 360 news?

not that this is actually news, but its funny how they jump to approve a bad 360 story and ignore the good sony storys, how they do nothing but invade posative 360 storys with their cult like comments and have RRoD avitars, hate much sony fans?

as a 360 owner i have never had a problem with my console, im in it for the games anyway, i dont see 360 fans jumping on every sony story the way sony fans do, its really kinda sad to see how low sony fans get when it comes to trolling for negative xbox storys and leaping in to comment on them, xbox fans leave them to it, if we just ignore there little storys then what are the gonna do? no point in commenting really they will obviously spend more time hateing the compitition then actually playing games so just leave them to it, i block most of the hard core sony fans but they still bring this site down for the rest of us

sony fans are some of the most bitter people on the internet, whats the point in all the hate? getting youre feeling hurt because your console doesnt do as well as you would like, obviously jelous that 360 has good games and no shortage of them, envious that multi plat games are better on 360? dig up the past all you want sony fans it cant change the fact that we have better games, more games, even over 100 arcade games and what do you have? waiting for home...waiting for mgs...waithing for EVER

robbo9184665d ago

Actually the extremes Sony fans are no worse than the extreme X360 fans. I don't think the Sony fans are any worse, right now there just happen to be more negative X360 stories out there, not too long ago all you could find were negative PS3 stories. For every rude or hateful Sony fan you can list I can list an X360 one.

Rocko4665d ago

What about the PS3 users who posts longass lists of games that won't see the light of day for years, and how the PS3 will dominate 2008?

mikeslemonade4665d ago

To the comment that you're a buying a 360. Why buy 360 when the games are finally coming for PS3? If anything you should already have a 360 after a slight drought during the PS3's first year.

And us PS3 fans will give you hell if you read the comments like it or not because that's what 360 fans did when the PS3 was annouced at $600. If you don't like it then I suggest you not reading the comment section.

LastDance4664d ago

HAHAHA hey Double edged .... If gears of war is a bench mark in all gaming and all games should be like it .. I would give up gaming right now.

Sorry Mate..

Thats why every Dev wants to make on the xbox... they know they need eff all effort to put into the games just some graphics and 3 guns and your set....

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zakupilot2564665d ago

this guy should seriously take his business else where, buy a Wii or a PS3. Thats the only way M$ will learn to treat their costomers better. Wake up 360 owners, M$ only loves your money and thats why they havent fixed thier machines. If people started going to the compettiors, M$ would start treating thier costmers better. Reminds me of Battered Wives syndrome.

mesh14665d ago

this is nothing but another make belive story made up by avid almost crazy liek sony trolls its nothing but a big lie the 360 faults don't exist anymore

meatnormous4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

I waited on launch day for mine, 20 days later, it wouldn't read any disks and the drive wouldn't open. I seen the news reporting that the 360's were going bad, so I took it back to walmart. I own a ps3 and a Wii at the moment and couldn't be happier.

sonarus4664d ago

i dnt feel the least bit bad for this guy. After it broke the 2nd time you should have had a clue that your xbox was dead. Even with a new unit there is still a chance it will fail exactly the same way the last one did. This guy needs to wisen up purchase a ps3 or if he cannot manage the thought of owning a ps3 then he seriously dosent like to play games.

Phaqutomb4665d ago

I just cant bring my self to approve this. It seems like every other day some one has a complaint that there system breaks down. It's just not news any more. Every system has its faults (some more than others) and it breaks. Why wait for your console to break down and have to wait another 2-4 weeks to get it back. If you have the money just go out and buy a newer more reliable console of your choice.

undacovabrothe4665d ago

You pay 350 for a piece of equipment that you believe is suppose to last you a good 5 years. Who says you want to waste that much on another 1? I kno if my ps3 broke down and I was in this situation I wouldnt buy another ps3 thats for sure.(Not anytime soon). I mean i probably could've designed the 360 better in my garage. This is totally ridiculous about all these 360 problems. I mean I was even thinking about buying a 360 until I seen all these faults in their technology. Not having wireless connector breaking down every second paying for online. I mean MS is a fukn MULTI-BILLION Dollar company yet they cant even give free online or get their hardware right its a shame. Potential down the drain now all they can do is sit back and watch Sony with their playstation do what they do best KILL SYSTEMS.

green4665d ago

3 storie in a row waitin for approval are all about RROD.Mine has never broken in 2years.Am i supposed to post my own story?

Anego Montoya FTMFW4665d ago

i guess, it never happens because it hasn`t happened to you.

so, are you insinuating it`s NOT TRUE.

and it`s all a conspiracy.

Mr_Kuwabara4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Yup you should dude, you're a one in a couple of millions..

meatnormous4665d ago

My launch one broke but I do know of one guy that still has his launch 360 and never had a problem.

Mwaan4665d ago

I've never had a problem out of my launch day console either. When you send your xbox in for repair, they usually just give you another system. Probably not a new one, but another one nonetheless. How could this happen 5 times unless this guy is just mistreating his system in some way.

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YoMeViet4665d ago

It overheats, thats one of the causes of RRoD, so my suggestion is..LIQUID NITROGEN.