Gamers Strike Back Against Mass Effect Critic on Amazon

Gaming Today · Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

After hearing the offensive and biased attack against Mass Effect on Fox News by Cooper Lawrence, the psychologist who took part in the biased strike on the game, her book on titled 'The Cult of Perfection: Making Peace with Your Inner Overachiever' is full of one-star reviews, mostly coming from gamers.

Ms. Lawrence may think that it's ok to bash a product she has never used, so gamers are now bashing a book they have never read to drop her book rating on Amazon. Currently, there over 40 negative reviews posted. Check out the Amazon link via Gaming Today if you'd like to throw your two cents in or to just read some of the funny comments against her.


Amazon is now deleting any one-star negative reviews of the book.

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malingenie4658d ago

We are becoming a force to be reckoned with. Wretched is he who fails to recognize the hordes of nerds, gamers, geeks and freaks with too much time on their hands.

TheTwelve4658d ago

Seeing two sides ignorant of one another go at it like this should prove interesting...


BrianC62344658d ago

This is great to see. It means she'll have to keep her big trap shut because her publisher will tell her to. Time to reel in these weenies and tell them to knock it off. Maybe Fox News could do a show about these hacks are ruining everyone with their drivel. They know nothing about games and what they do to gamers. They just do this to get known. Well, gamers are fed up with you morons.

IzKyD13314658d ago

that woman never even played the game, its like reviewing a movie based off what you hear about it.
also, amazon deleting the reviews is kinda like covering up our freedom to actually have an opinion on a book

CrashSharc4658d ago

someone should leave a comment that says " contains full frontal nudity... my 13 year old is scarred for life..."

Bubble Buddy4656d ago

Mart, Firstknight, and all those other ppl are going to jump her man.

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ry-guy4658d ago

Agreed with Malingenie. I just thought this is karma coming back at this woman. You bash something you've never held, played, experienced so in return we'll bash something we've never read, thought about, or liked.

Ha! This may be a petty thing to do, but it is great to see gamers finally sticking it to people that think we are a group of people that just roll over.

THE_JUDGE4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

some of your kids need better parenting. Who cares what one guy or girl said about the game, sales matter. Stop renting and buy the game. That will show anyone more than your stupid internet b.s.

malingenie4658d ago

How did this become about renting/buying?

Bubble and Squeek4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

I sympathise with what you say and broadly agree with what you are saying.

That aside, I also see why lots of people are doing. It is rather annoying to frequently see a favoured hobby continually misrepresented in the popular media.

Incidentally, Amazon only show 7 4 and 5 star reviews. Looks like it was all for nowt in the end.

EDIT: It is tangentally related because that would have a much more positive effect on the gaming community than trash some woman's book on amazon.

BrianC62344658d ago

I don't think you understand what this is about. It means these so-called experts will have to shut their traps. They go after games like they're some big menace on society. All our problems are because of games. They're the same type of people who went after comicbooks and rock and roll and whatever else people didn't like in the past. None of that stuff causes problems. It's really about parents just doing their job. Gamers are fed up with this crap. It's time for this to happen.

Blademask4658d ago

Considering that Drakes fortune has sold 800k. And Mass Effect was hyped to be the answer to life as we know it.

Start buying. Stop renting.

i Shank u4658d ago

it sold 1.6 in 6 weeks. come on dude thats not a failure. by the time a year goes by it will prob be around or past 3 mill

THE_JUDGE4658d ago

if you want to show her the biggest form of disrespect, don't go down to her level and throw mud back. Go to your local Game or Gamestop and buy the freaking game. In a world where money matters, buying and supporting the game will show her and her opinion is moot and you'll buy and play whatever you damn well please. Silent protests are often the loudest.

mintaro4658d ago

this has nothing to do with the sales of Mass Effect or Uncharted, so stop trying to start contraversy

Carbon4658d ago

Ans ilent "The Judge" should be.

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pharmd4658d ago

She should know that what goes around comes around!!!

R M Spender4658d ago

i love in the interview when she is asked if she has ever played mass effect and he answer "NoOoOo!!"
just sums up the annoying kind of people trying to get famous by targeting games. no is the time to do it, the non-game players are finally realizing there is money in it.