Gamerevolution: Endless Space Review

Like many sci-fi 4X titles before it, Endless Space casts you as the head of one of many races vying for superiority in a galaxy with limited real estate and resources. As ever, the goal is to explore the galaxy, expand your empire, exploit the territories you colonize to the fullest, and exterminate your opponents. Where this game distinguishes itself, however, is in how it makes genre elements that are usually tedious feel fresh and enjoyable with several interesting design choices, the most far-reaching of which is the interface.

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Duskstormcrow2694d ago

If you read the review, the score is actually 4.5 out of 5, not 4.5 out of ten. It'[s too bad mistakes like this occur, because someone who just glances at the score and doesn't read the article might get the impression that Endless Space is a lousy game, which it isn't :-(