Star Wars Battlefront III | Hunt Mode

Past to Present Online has yet another new video of the cancelled Star Wars Battlefront III, this time showcasing the Hunt Mode on two maps.

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RyuDrinksTheDew2296d ago

maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, why oh why was this canceled...

Wagz222295d ago

Cause apparently lucas arts hates money haha like it really is a joke this game didn't come out.

DeadlyFire2295d ago

Lucasarts basically dropped funding and brought Free Radical down pretty much.

aliengmr2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

Is anyone really that surprised? They've ignored their fanbase for years.

With the tech today they could revive the space-combat sim, and do it cheaply. The I-Novae engine can seamlessly transition from space to atmosphere, not to mention create a galaxy with billions of star systems. This was possible years ago.

But alas, instead of Battlefront 3 and X-wing/TIE fighter we get Star Wars: The Force Uncharted. Which may not even come to the PC since they gave the PC crowd the finger a few years back. I have yet to hear an "official" announcement on what platforms it will be released on. A PC is the only thing they could show the demo on so that means nothing.

h311rais3r2295d ago


Do want

Not getting

Goes to look at games recently

Cuts throat and hangs self

ShadowKingx2295d ago

To be honest why shows us this. i know these are teasers. i think this is not really cancelled. i think this might be pre-beta or something. I think they are releasing sometime next year. i don’t lucas arts is that dumb to cancel this. they know this is there golden ticket.